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The NO BS podcast for heart-centered Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders who are ready to cut the crap and lead with love to build impactful brands, businesses and lives hosted by Co-CEOs of LeapZone Strategies, Isabelle Mercier & Margarita Romano.

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Podcast Episodes

#08 | Mindful Manes: The Impact of Horses on Humans

In this insightful and enlightening episode, we explore the profound impact of equine-guided coaching. Delving into the fascinating world of neuroscience, we uncover how interactions with horses can lead to significant changes in our neurological health, enhancing emotional and cognitive functions. With expert insights and compelling evidence, we discuss the science behind human-equine interaction, the therapeutic benefits of these majestic animals, and the powerful effect they have on reducing stress and anxiety. This episode is essential for anyone interested in understanding how equine-guided experiences can transform mental health and improve overall well-being, guiding you from emotional turmoil to a state of calm and resilience. Tune in to discover how horses can not only touch our hearts but also profoundly influence our way of being. #MindfulManes


#07 | From Hot Mess To Organized Success.

In this entertaining and transformative episode, we dive deep into moving from a 'Hot Mess to Organized Success'. With over 25 years of experience navigating the chaos of running a creative agency, we share the high-performance habits we use daily to enhance productivity and efficiency, along with simple, yet revolutionary strategies to reduce overwhelm and foster a sense of peace and clarity. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to turn their work environment from frustrating chaos into a well-oiled machine, transforming overwhelm into organized, clear, and happy productivity. #FromChaosToClarity


#06 | The Domino Effect: How Small Habits Lead to BIG impact.

In this episode, we discuss how small habits have the power to significantly transform your life and business. This insightful discussion delves into the power of consistent, minor actions and their compound effects over time. We also share practical strategies for building new habits and making impactful changes in both your personal and professional realms. A powerful episode for all seeking meaningful, incremental progress toward their goals and an opportunity to reshape your approach to success with simple, yet powerful habits. #SmallHabitsBigResults


#05 | The Art of Setting Boundaries to Protect Your Time, Space and Energy.

In this episode of Outcome Overcome we delve into the transformative power of setting boundaries in both life and business. We share 5 different types of boundaries, the pitfalls of not having them, and simple, effective strategies to establish and enforce them. Learn how to navigate the delicate balance between personal needs and professional demands. This episode is not just a discussion; it's a call to action for a more balanced, controlled, and fulfilling life. Tune in, embrace the art of boundary setting, and take the first step towards a more empowered you. #BoundaryChallenge


#04 | The Yin and Yang of AI: Boosting or Busting Creativity?

In "The Yin and Yang of AI: Boosting or Busting Creativity," we delve into the dual nature of artificial intelligence and its profound impact on creativity. Join us as we explore how AI serves as both a catalyst for innovation and a potential hurdle for creative thinking in the small business world. In this episode, we navigate the fine line between the benefits and dangers of AI, offering practical insights to help small business owners harness its power while preserving their creative spirit. Tune in to find the perfect balance between the yin and yang of AI in your entrepreneurial journey and how to leverage AI to amplify your genius.


#03 | Unmasking Impostor Syndrome: Conquering Self-Doubt.

In this episode, Margarita and I shine a spotlight on a phenomenon that affects most likely every single human being on the planet from all walks of life – The Impostor Syndrome. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of this pervasive self-doubt and fear of being vulnerable and exposed as "less than". We'll explore the 6 different types of Impostor Syndrome, the various ways in which they manifest themselves, and the toll it takes on our mental well-being. But don't worry, we won't leave you hanging in the depths of self-doubt as we'll be sharing life examples and insights to conquer Impostor Syndrome and regain your self-confidence...one opportunity at a time. Are you ready? Let's go!


#02 | The Magic of Scheduling Spontaneity

Welcome back to another exciting episode of our podcast. Today's episode is short but packs a punch as we're diving into a topic that might sound contradictory at first, but trust us, it's a game-changer! Get ready to explore "The Magic of Scheduling Spontaneity." You know how life can get pretty hectic, and we often find ourselves caught up in routines and endless to-do lists? Well, in this episode, we'll uncover the secret to embracing spontaneity while still staying on top of our responsibilities. We'll share practical tips on how to sprinkle a dash of surprise and adventure into our busy lives, making each day a delightful journey. So, let's break free from the mundane and let spontaneity work its enchantment. Let's go!


#01 | The Importance of Brave Conversations

In this compelling debut episode of Outcome Overcome, we delve fearlessly into the art of Brave Conversations. Join Margarita and I as we explore the transformative power of showing up authentically. Discover how stepping out of our comfort zones and embracing vulnerability can lead to profound connections, personal growth, and positive change. Through real-life anecdotes and practical tips, this episode will inspire you to overcome fears and insecurities, empowering you to engage in meaningful conversations that can reshape relationships and the world around us. Tune in now and embark on a journey of self-discovery and understanding as we unravel "The Importance of Having Brave Conversations."


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