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The NO BS podcast for heart-centered Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders who are ready to cut the crap and lead with love to build impactful brands, businesses and lives hosted by Co-CEOs of LeapZone Strategies, Isabelle Mercier & Margarita Romano.

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Podcast Episodes

#02 | The Magic of Scheduling Spontaneity

Welcome back to another exciting episode of our podcast. Today's episode is short but packs a punch as we're diving into a topic that might sound contradictory at first, but trust us, it's a game-changer! Get ready to explore "The Magic of Scheduling Spontaneity." You know how life can get pretty hectic, and we often find ourselves caught up in routines and endless to-do lists? Well, in this episode, we'll uncover the secret to embracing spontaneity while still staying on top of our responsibilities. We'll share practical tips on how to sprinkle a dash of surprise and adventure into our busy lives, making each day a delightful journey. So, let's break free from the mundane and let spontaneity work its enchantment. Let's go!


#01 | The Importance of Brave Conversations

In this compelling debut episode of Outcome Overcome, we delve fearlessly into the art of Brave Conversations. Join Margarita and I as we explore the transformative power of showing up authentically. Discover how stepping out of our comfort zones and embracing vulnerability can lead to profound connections, personal growth, and positive change. Through real-life anecdotes and practical tips, this episode will inspire you to overcome fears and insecurities, empowering you to engage in meaningful conversations that can reshape relationships and the world around us. Tune in now and embark on a journey of self-discovery and understanding as we unravel "The Importance of Having Brave Conversations."


Isabelle & Margarita's TEDx Talk

How To Increase Your Units Of Happiness.

Trailblazers Estate

A magical 5-acre equestrian property on Vancouver Island, designed to help Business Owners, CEOs and Teams accelerate their success through breakthrough brand positioning as well as leaders and business growth retreats.

Mini Documentary

Brand To Make Life Better - Be The First, The Best or The Only with Isabelle Mercier, pioneer brand strategist and business performance catalyst and Margarita Romano, visionary & equine guided strategist at LeapZone Strategies™.

Be HorsePowered.

Want to leverage the wisdom of the horse to connect with your inner genius and truly own your badassery?


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