7 Hacks for Crafting Compelling Brand Videos Designed to Captivate Your Audience

Guest Post by Andre Oentoro

Brand videos are tools to introduce your business (your products and services) to a mass audience. They tell your stories, including your history, vision and mission, product benefits, and more. While brand videos can effectively convey your message, making them compelling is another story.

We’ve compiled seven hacks for crafting compelling brand videos that captivate audiences. From making them short and sweet to building engaging storytelling, let’s break down the details below. 

#1. Keep Your Script Short and Sweet

On almost all platforms, short videos always win. According to a report, 66% of customers find short-form videos the most captivating social media content. So, it’s best to follow this trend to gain optimal engagement. While creating short videos can be all efficient, conveying your brand message within a quick time frame can be tricky. Focus on including messages that can drive audiences into specific actions. For short-form motion graphics videos, aim for a time frame of around 60 seconds.

If you use a script, it should be no more than 150 words to keep a good pace. You can make the first few seconds engaging by addressing pain points, questions, or shocking facts about your niche. Having said that, I have stopped watching a 1 minute video at the 30 second mark because it was not compelling and I have also watched 30 minute videos from beginning to end because they were very engaging and valuable. So, although the trend is about shorter videos, your video can be as long as it needs to be so long as you are interesting!

#2. Infuse Main Keywords

Keywords remain an essential element for digital products, including videos. Do keyword research to know what keywords are frequently used by your target audiences. Use free tools like Google Analytics, Ask the Public, or other keyword tools.

Infuse your main keywords into your content to make it relate to target audiences. Moreover, add your keywords in your video title, hashtags, caption, and meta description. Keywords also help your content perform better in search engines.

#3. Use Storytelling

Compelling storytelling can evoke emotion. You can take viewers on a journey that goes beyond product promotion. Rather than blatantly promoting products, you can share some of the story behind it. In this case, the first few seconds are crucial for attracting and engaging audiences. Use specific tones to deliver your story, whether funny, inspiring, encouraging, or something else.

To grab attention right off the bat, you can address audiences’ pain points, needs, or preferences. Alternatively, you can showcase customer experiences, highlight your brand’s journey, or present real-life scenarios. It’s important to convey your message clearly within a short time frame. Avoid bluffing and convey your message straightforwardly. Your storytelling aims to build a connection and make your brand memorable and relatable to target customers.

#4. Invest in High-Quality Visuals

High-quality visuals are essential for brand videos. Your audiences don’t want to watch grainy, blurry videos. So, ensure your videos are clear and crisp to maintain engagement. If you add transitions, make it seamless and smooth. Video quality not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also conveys a sense of professionalism and attention to detail. Viewers trust and engage better with visually appealing content.

Use top-tier equipment for recording and editing. You can also hire video companies to help you produce professional brand videos for specific purposes. They can help you choose video styles according to your brand identity..

#5. Add a Strong CTA

CTA can prompt viewers to take specific actions. Its role in a video is as crucial as anything else. Before deciding your CTA, define what goals you want to achieve with your video. Do you want to make sales, increase brand awareness, generate leads, or something else? Clearly defining your goals is fundamental in determining the most effective CTA for your brand video.

A strong CTA provides clarity and motivation. Make your CTA clear, concise, and aligned with the overall message of the video. You can use phrases like ‘Buy Now,’ ‘Get Your Discount,’ and ‘Follow Us for Free Shipping’ to evoke audiences’ actions.

#6. Select the Right Format

Consider your video format before launching it online. For example, short vertical videos are suitable for TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Short. Meanwhile, longer horizontal videos are better for YouTube and LinkedIn.

Additionally, be mindful of aspect ratios and resolution to ensure compatibility with various devices. Adapting your video content to the specific requirements of each platform enhances accessibility and viewer engagement.

Leap of the Week

Crafting compelling brand videos requires careful consideration and correct techniques to optimize their performance on various platforms. Many big brands invest more in short videos as they generate better engagement.

Take the extra mile by creating engaging storytelling around your brand or product and optimize your videos with keywords and metadata to boost their visibility on search engines. Video optimization can also make your video appear on explore pages and captivate more audiences.

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Post Written by Andre Oentoro.

Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).

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