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3 Steps To Bringing More Joy To What You Do

No matter how much you love what you do for work, sometimes, it can get a little monotonous, robotic, and just plain boring. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself, “What happened? I used to LOVE this before. I used to spend sleepless nights learning this…

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It Takes Work to Create a Fulfilling Relationship

“We fall in love by chance, we stay in love by choice.” – Unknown I met the love of my life by accident. When I was just 19, starting out at Concordia University in Montreal. It was June, beautiful out, and I was so incredibly…

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The HERO Formula

“Prioritize peace. If it nurtures, calms, and revitalizes you, make time for it. If it stresses, distresses, or depresses you, reconsider it.” – Lori Deschene An astounding 95% of people in North America go to bed or wake up worrying about something. Every. Single.…

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Dare To Brand Doc

Dare To Brand Documentary >> Brand To Make Life Better - Be The First, The Best or The Only with Isabelle Mercier Turcotte, pioneer brand strategist and business performance catalyst and Margarita Romano, visionary & equine guided strategist at LeapZone…

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LeapTV Episode #73: Collaborate With Friends & Grow

BRANDING: A community on Social Media is good for you to engage and connect, but you can’t reach the people there the way you can with an E-mail nurture sequence. It’s vital to continue to build your E-mail marketable tribe to create impact on a regular basis. LEAP OF THE…

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LeapTV Episode #72: What To Delegate & Why

BRANDING: There are tasks, roles and systems in a business that are vital, and must be delegated for you to grow & thrive in your business. LEAP OF THE MONTH: When you’re too busy trying to do it all, not only will your tasks suck the life out of you – you’ll miss out…

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LeapTV Episode #71: How To Be & Stay Inspired

BRANDING: Inspiration is not always inherent, you must choose to take steps that will reinvigorate you when the path gets tough. LEAP OF THE MONTH: You can shift your focus back to what you LOVE about your business. www.LeapTV.com

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LeapTV Episode #69: What’s Your Super Power?

BRANDING: Get clear about what you are truly selling and see your clients thrive. LEAP OF THE MONTH: Know your secret sauce so your ideal clients will choose you over anyone else, regardless of price. www.LeapTV.com

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LeapTV Episode #68: How To Tame Your Inbox

BRANDING: A chaotic inbox leads to a chaotic bank account – and who the hell wants that? LEAP OF THE MONTH: Tame the beast, so you can increase your levels of productivity, profitability and happiness. www.LeapTV.com

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Isabelle’s TEDx Talk: The Power Of Zero Tolerance

Over 1.6 Million Views! 95% of North Americans either go to bed or wake up worrying about something? Yet, worrying is the #1 killer of creativity, performance and dreams. When revolutionary brand strategist Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte discovered…

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LeapTV Episode #67: Divide The Room And Win

BRANDING: Interruption is key to create change and inspire action. LEAP OF THE MONTH: You’re not innovating if you’re not pissing someone off. www.LeapTV.com

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LeapTV Episode #66: Make Your CRM Your New Best Friend

BRANDING: The question isn’t which CRM is best, it’s which is best for You? LEAP OF THE MONTH: Define your process to automate where possible – leveraging your time and creating consistency. www.LeapTV.com

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LeapTV Episode #65: #1 Key Ingredient To Building A Kick-Ass Culture

BRANDING: How to build a culture of trust and delight to increase joy, impact, and profit. LEAP OF THE MONTH: What culture do you want to build? www.LeapTV.com

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LeapTV Episode #64: What Does Your Brand Stand For?

BRANDING: Learn how to leverage your core values as your best decision-making tool. LEAP OF THE MONTH: Uncover your decision-makers. www.LeapTV.com

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LeapTV Episode #63: Be The First, The Best, or The Only.

BRANDING: Why should your clients and prospects choose you, regardless of price? LEAP OF THE MONTH: Uncover your secret sauce. www.LeapTV.com

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LeapTV Episode #62: Stop Tolerating What You Don’t Want

GROWING YOUR BIZ: How making mistakes can help you grow faster, better, stronger. LEAP OF THE MONTH: What are you putting up with? www.LeapTV.com

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