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What Is Brand Positioning Any Why It’s Important To Your Growth

What does Brand Positioning mean? Let’s take a quick look. Branding is NOT: A logo A website A product Defined by companies or markets What YOU say it is Branding IS: What people say about you when you are not in the room How people feel when they buy or experience…

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Top 30 Entrepreneurs Disrupting Their Industries In 2022

I am honored to be amongst the Top 30 Entrepreneurs Disrupting Their Industries In 2022! As an entrepreneur (and a couple-preneur no less) I am dedicated to making life better for my team, my client, my suppliers and my community. As you know, most of the time, hard work…

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First Impressions: Are not about YOU!

Contrary to popular belief, there is another, less stressful, way to make a first impression! I believe that first impressions are not about you being liked or good enough or judged, on whether you are competent or good looking or witty. First impressions are an opportunity…

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Creating Curiosity with a Conversation!

Have you ever been at a social event, and suddenly someone asks the inevitable… “What is it that you do exactly?” This is a question that many dread answering. We may give it a good shot, and sometimes we nail it, and it’s fantastic! Then there are the times when you fumble…

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The Power of Audacity!

To thrive in today’s world, one has to have a healthy dose of audacity. Whether you’re the leader of a large organization, the owner of a small business, or a family leader, you are a friend, a lover, a wife, or a husband. There’s a need for a certain…

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5 Signs it’s time to yell for Social Media “HELP!”

Social media is here to stay. A few people are rocking it; many seem to be catching on, and you? You aren’t sure most days. Here are five signs that it may be time for your business to call in the professionals. You post the bare minimum. Your mom told you that “you…

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Keeping it real: Connecting with your clients online.

Social media is an important extension of your brand and the perfect place to share your brand personality and grow your community of brand enthusiasts. While some may not see social media as the most personal platform for building relationships with customers, if it’s done…

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be bold and committed for your transformation

How To Be Real and Contagious In Any Conversation

I am happy for everything we have accomplished last year. Even though 2020 is a gift that no one expected to receive, it is full of learnings. I am also thankful for reaching this age and being able to face life’s challenges.    So why am I so happy…

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don't let confrontation stop you from the conversation

Don’t Let Confrontation Stop You From The Conversation

“Truth carries with it confrontation”. -Frances Schaffer Have you ever been afraid of engaging in confrontational conversations because you assume you know how it will go? Don’t let fear stop you from the conversation. People oftentimes prefer…

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LeapZone blog Change are you embracing or avoiding

Change: Are You Embracing or Avoiding?

“Great things never came from comfort zones.”                                                                        -Anonymous    Change oftentimes puts us in a battle with ourselves as we try to come to terms with how to deal with it and how to…

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It's not what you start but what you finish

You’re Measured in Life By What You FINISH, Not What You Start

In life, you’re measured by what you FINISH… not what you start. What and how we finish something ultimately determine what results we will be creating. Everything, every task, every goal, every race is meant to come to an end. And you will be measured not by the things you…

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shit sandwiches are challenges that prepare you for something better

Shit Sandwiches: What Challenges Mean For Your Business?

Shit sandwiches can be a really cool appetizer for something better. When life gives you a shit sandwich, you are actually meant to learn a lesson and you are being prepared for or steered into something better.   What Are Shit Sandwiches? Shit sandwiches are…

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tap into your true potential

How Do You Tap Into Your True Potential to Achieve Success?

In the kind of world that we are living in nowadays, each of us is being asked to tap into our true potential to work our way towards achieving success. True potential is that thing in your life that gets you to drive your destiny. What does reaching your…

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money loves clarity how getting clear leads to happiness and more money in the bank

Money Loves Clarity: How Getting Clear Leads To Happiness And More Money In The Bank

Money loves clarity. When we get clear about what we want, we start to put steps in place strategically. Are you clear about what you want in your business?   Money Is Energy Money can’t be anything on its own. It has to be compared, expended and moved…

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To Do or Not To Do!

Written by Karl Bryan from Six-Figure Coach Magazine I’m clearly not riding around in the car with you… but I’m confident the list below contains time wasters you are familiar with and deserve to be removed from your day-to-day schedule: Doing things, you hate doing Doing…

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leapzone the grey zone moving through indecision and uncertainty

The Grey Zone: Moving through Indecision and Uncertainty

“Nothing is so exhausting as indecision, and nothing is so futile.” -Bertrand Russell   The grey zone is the middle zone of your ‘hell yes’ and your ‘hell no,’ the maybe in your decision-making process. Maybes can be costly. They can drain your energy,…

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