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At LeapZone, we truly believe in the importance and value of working on your mindset and inner game. We know that getting away from your everyday, busy environment to focus on yourself is key to growing you and your vision. Not to mention the clarity, confidence, and inner calm that this form of self-care also brings.

That’s why we’ve created Trailblazers Estate. A magical 5-acre equestrian property on Vancouver Island, designed to help you feel on-fire and unstoppable through the power of the horse.

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Welcome To The Power Of The Horse With Margarita

Margarita Romano | Equine Guided Strategist

Trailblazers Equine Guided Transformation

Horses are experts in leadership and authentic living. Their wisdom and lack of ego is a true gift to anyone wishing to grow personally and professionally. In fact, we find them so powerful as teachers that we have created Trailblazers Estate. A magical 5-acre equestrian property on Vancouver Island, designed to empower people who are ready for personal and business growth breakthroughs.

The finely-tuned instinct of a horse allows them to be very effective mirrors for us and reflect what we’re holding inside energetically every second. Because horses are prey animals they are required to be hyper sensitive and intuitive to their environment for their survival. They need to be able to determine the difference between a hungry cougar approaching and one that’s just passing by. They do this by reading the intention of the cougar in their space to know what’s going on for their survival. If they fled every time something came near, they would be exhausted for when they really do need to run away.

Horses do the same with us when we are in their space. They are constantly reading our energy to determine our true intentions. They’ll continuously read our energy to know what’s going on for their survival and mirror what they are sensing. They also have a psychological impact on us. Because they are such large animals we need to be more present around them. This allows us to build an inner sensitivity to what’s going on for us in their presence.

This powerful combination creates a very sensitive, vulnerable and safe space to facilitate a coaching experience through an equine partnership. Margarita’s training allows her to interpret the horses’ behaviour in your presence and communicate it to you in a way that will trigger valuable insight and personal discovery for you and/or your team.

Unique Trailblazers Equine Guided Transformation Opportunities

All of our equine guided transformation sessions are facilitated by Margarita Romano - Trailblazers Equine Guided Strategist (a.k.a Horsewoman) and our beautiful herd of dynamic horses, all hand-picked by Margarita herself.

5 Private Equine Transformation Sessions At Trailblazers

Bring your journal with you to Trailblazers and come experience the power and intuition of the horse to uncover and heal what's holding you back and help you own your true inner genius. A safe space for vulnerability that provides the unique opportunity for you to fully show up to identify and eliminate your tolerations so you can feel on-fire and unstoppable!

This session bundle includes:
- 5 x 90 min. Private Equine Transformation Sessions at Trailblazers.
- Access to Trailblazers Inner Rockstar Expert Interview Series.
- VIP Access to Cache's Corner for insightful learnings and advanced material.


5 Virtual Private Equine Transformation Sessions

Can't travel to Trailblazers? No problem! Horses are always connected to energy, which means when Margarita connects to you over the phone, the horses are then connected to you as well. This method may sound unbelievable, however, it has proven to be as accurate as if you were here in person so you can experience the full value and genius of the horse by being with Margarita and the herd virtually. Now more than ever, it is time for you to leverage the power and intuition of the Trailblazers Herd to uncover and heal what's holding you back and help you own your true inner genius.

This session bundle includes:
- 5 x 60 min. Virtual Private Equine Transformation Sessions.
- Access to Trailblazers Inner Rockstar Expert Interview Series.
- VIP Access to Cache's Corner for insightful learnings and advanced material.


Are You Ready For A Trailblazers Retreat?

The wisdom of the horse is also incorporated into every retreat experience at Trailblazers. Here are a couple for you to explore!

Brand Fearlessly.

Come alone, grab your business partner or rally your key team players and join us at Trailblazers for some important strategic time to assess and elevate your business processes and systems, brand foundation and opportunities for growth; from the inside out! Uncover some potential blind spots, AND get clear about what you need to eliminate, automate and delegate to help you dismantle the status quo and create alignment!

Check it out!

Unbridle Your Inner Rockstar.

Live by design, not by default. Powerfully show up in your life by exploring what's holding you back AND what propels you forward. Tap into your true inner power to live with more alignment and lead with more confidence. Embrace your inner rockstar in the space of horse wisdom and identify your biggest tolerations to feel on fire and unstoppable. Become the Trailblazer that you were born to be.

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Client Love For The Herd!

Expand your awareness of how you show up in your life!


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