LeapTV Episode #77: Wanna Do A TEDx?

GROWING YOUR BIZ: Got an idea worth spreading? Apply for the TEDx stage in your area and build your reach!

LEAP OF THE MONTH: You don’t have to “be a speaker” to get started. Take the Leap... the personal and business growth is 1000% worth it ;-)

LeapTV Episode #76: Are You Set Up To Grow?

GROWING YOUR BIZ: It's time to organize your Profitable Ecosystem and stop dimming your bulb ;-)

LEAP OF THE MONTH: You can intentionally and systematically organize the aspects of your business without everything landing on your plate. Pick the "Post Its" that you absolutely LOVE, and start to delegate the rest.

LeapTV Episode #75: Top 5 Must Have Tools

BRANDING: Looking at your business, what can you Eliminate, Automate or Delegate? Technology can help you get there.

LEAP OF THE MONTH: Not all change is scary, start with just ONE tool and learn to leverage your time from what you've created... without having to do it over again ;-)

LeapTV Episode #74: Let’s Talk About Money

BRANDING: Like the old proverb says… If you’re too busy to track what you’re doing, are you really doing it? ...Okay, maybe not a proverb, but you know what I’m saying ;-)

LEAP OF THE MONTH: Building a profitable business is key to ensure your future success, and your profits are driven by Positioning, Leveraging Your Time & Tracking Your Results.

LeapTV Episode #73: Collaborate With Friends & Grow

BRANDING: A community on Social Media is good for you to engage and connect, but you can’t reach the people there the way you can with an E-mail nurture sequence. It’s vital to continue to build your E-mail marketable tribe to create impact on a regular basis.

LEAP OF THE MONTH: Leveraging other communities and networks will get you in front of more people who may not have even known they were looking for you and your services ;-)

LeapTV Episode #72: What To Delegate & Why

BRANDING: There are tasks, roles and systems in a business that are vital, and must be delegated for you to grow & thrive in your business.

LEAP OF THE MONTH: When you’re too busy trying to do it all, not only will your tasks suck the life out of you – you’ll miss out on some better opportunities.

LeapTV Episode #71: How To Be & Stay Inspired

BRANDING: Inspiration is not always inherent, you must choose to take steps that will reinvigorate you when the path gets tough.

LEAP OF THE MONTH: You can shift your focus back to what you LOVE about your business.

LeapTV Episode #70: Master Saying No

BRANDING: If you don’t say NO to what you don’t want, you’ll never have the time for what you DO want.
LEAP OF THE MONTH: Decipher your vital few and eliminate your trivial many.
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