Transformational Retreats at Trailblazers Estate

At LeapZone, we truly believe in the importance and value of taking a *time out* to work ON your business rather than IN it. We know that getting away from your everyday, busy environment is key to growing your business. It makes it much more enjoyable, effective, and let’s face it – possible.

That’s why we created Trailblazers Estate. A magical 5-acre equestrian property on Vancouver Island, designed to help you accelerate your success through transformational branding, business, and personal growth retreats.

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Trailblazers Equine Experience

Horses are experts in leadership and authentic living. Their wisdom and lack of ego is a true gift to any person wishing to grow personally and professionally. In fact, we find them so powerful as teachers that we have incorporated an equine learning experience into every retreat we do at Trailblazers.

Intimate Group Retreats

We think there is tremendous value in bringing people together from different walks of life to learn, create, and share. So, at Trailblazers we offer several 2-3 day retreats for intimate groups of up to 7 participants in areas of branding, business, and personal growth.

Private Retreats

Time away from the office, reserved solely for key players of a business to think, explore, innovate and create is of the utmost importance to success. Trailblazers holds customized private retreats for business owners and their key players, up to 7 people total, to share in this extremely valuable time together.

Trailblazers Retreats

Get Clear. Get Organized. Get Profitable.

Bring your laptop with you to Trailblazers! This intimate group retreat is about YOU learning new organizational processes, tools, habits, and templates that will change the way you work forever. And, you'll be happy to hear that it's also all about getting it done together (during the retreat) so that you get the help and attention you need to implement, and leave more organized and productive than ever before!

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Unlock Your X-Factor.

Be the First, the Best, or the Only! This retreat celebrates and supports what makes you different in this world. Uncover our “Secret Sauce”, your Money-Making Edge and learn how to integrate it into your business to catapult your success. Blow your competitors out of the water by designing your promise delivery system to effortlessly attract and convert more of your ideal clients!


Brand Fearlessly.

Come alone, grab your business partner or rally your key team players and join us at Trailblazers for some important strategic time to assess and elevate your business processes and systems, brand foundation and opportunities for growth; from the inside out! Uncover some potential blind spots, AND get clear about what you need to eliminate, automate and delegate to help you dismantle the status quo and create alignment!

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Unbridle Your Inner Rockstar.

Live by design, not by default. Powerfully show up in your life by exploring what's holding you back AND what propels you forward. Tap into your true inner power to live with more alignment and lead with more confidence. Embrace your inner rockstar in the space of horse wisdom and identify your biggest tolerations to feel on fire and unstoppable. Become the Trailblazer that you were born to be.

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Trailblazers Estate

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