GET PAID WELL FOR YOUR GENIUS!  Learn The 3 Major Warning Signs That Your Business Is Not Setup To Thrive In Today's Economy.

Learn the 3 Vital Brand Basics needed to ELIMINATE these warning signs and turn your business into a fulfilling and profitable one to ensure sanity, long term success and financial stability.

90 Minutes To Dramatically Improve Your Biz & Brand Forever!

The knowledge you will gain from this master class will transform you into a more focused, organized, and highly paid entrepreneur.

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The problem

Do you feel overwhelmed, overworked and undervalued? Let's fix that shall we?

The one thing we know for sure is that most (if not all) business owners start their own business because they want more freedom, more flexibility, AND the ability to make more money while being able to do it their way.  However, the reality is that after a few years (sometimes even just a few months), most are feeling uninspired, overwhelmed, and undervalued.

Here’s the thing, most business owners are really good at their craft (they are great graphic designers, photographers, bookkeepers, pie bakers, cabinet makers) but, what they don’t know is how to create the right business architecture to allow them to create the freedom, the flexibility, and the cash flow they have been craving all along. They simply don’t have an architecture that’s engineered to thrive and we’re here to change that.


LeapTV™ is a short, edgy, unconventional, practical, and FREE online TV show that empowers entrepreneurs to get clear on their business and learn how to create and provide an outstanding customer experience. How? By making small but powerful pivotal shifts, creating momentum and taking massive action while keeping it simple.  It’s the show that teaches small, intentional and consistent actions, lead to massive results.



LeapTools™ is a business online resource designed for smart business owners. It's filled with Quick Tips, Practical Tools, Valuable Templates and Kick-Butt Strategies to help you grow your business and brand with impact and fun!


The LeapZone Learning Lab

No-nonsense courses to help you master the skills + mindset you need to grow your brand and your business with balance. The LeapZone Learning Lab is about smart courses for smart leaders and business owners because, to increase revenue and become a powerhouse in your industry, you have to master the basics of mindset, branding, positioning and business. Period.


Build To Rock Program

Build To Rock™ is a no-nonsense business, marketing, social media and brand-building program for smart business owners, designed to help you build a brand and business architecture engineered for success. The Build To Rock Program helps you in 4 key areas:  Focus & Time Management, Brand Positioning, Marketing & Social Media, and Business Growth Planning.

Through the Build To Rock Process, you will unlock what makes you different and why prospects and clients should choose YOU over anyone else, regardless of price. And most importantly, you will learn how to effectively communicate your true value (your badassery) so your clients and prospects say: Where have you been all my life?

Build To Rock is voted as a must-do program by BC Business.


BONUS: Breakthrough Group Coaching

When you join the Build To Rock Program, you automatically get access to the Build To Rock Master Coaching Team in weekly group coaching calls and a private Facebook forum where you can ask questions and get feedback on your homework as needed. This 12-week coaching journey is designed to help you achieve a high level of clarity, accountability and focus through valuable feedback and insightful recommendations. A fun and effective way to take your business and brand to the next level.


Mastermind For Build To Rock Members

If you want to be working at high capacity by continuing to 'Build To Rock', you need constant clear direction, focus, and accountability, which is exactly what this Mastermind Group provides. This group of powerful Build To Rock Members and Graduates is designed to help you create and implement goals, brainstorm innovative ideas and support each other with constructive feedback and recommendations. Expect to create amazing results!

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Set-up flexible one-on-one time with one of LeapZone's Master Coaches to help your organization grow faster and resolve issues when they arise. Through easy-to-use pre-paid performance catalyst sessions, you can have a branding, marketing, social media or business innovation strategist in your back pocket.

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TEDx Coaching

Strategy Session with Isabelle Mercier (2-time TEDx Speaker with over 2.9 million views, TEDx Curator & TEDx Coach) to help you get clarity about your idea worth spreading and how to position it for potency and impact.


LeapZone Implementation Lab

The #1 objective of The LeapZone Implementation Lab is to give our clients access to an outstandingly curated creative team to help them create what needs to be implemented to increase impact and revenue. The Implementation Lab is creative time bundles for easy access to our creative team to get things done and done well when it comes to design and tech initiatives.

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