I can’t explain how valuable it was for me to walk into an environment where I felt seen, understood, and respected by the incredible LeapZone Team. 

At LeapZone, we work with Bold, Brave and Passionate clients. We were born to work with people who are obsessed with being the best at what they do and thrive on delivering their “genius” in a simple, impactful, and differentiating way. Period.

The Truth About Us

The LeapZone Trifecta Strategy & Coaching Process™ focuses on the 3 vital ingredients required to build a successful business and brand: POSITIONING | PERSONALITY | PERFORMANCE

Our result-driven process creates accountability and helps you build an outstanding brand and culture of trust and team work. This process also helps you successfully implement the strategies and get through the blocks that appear along the way to accelerate your growth.

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Uncovering the leader within, and empowering her to make a major shift into entrepreneurship!

Strength Through Softness

Leslee Montgomery has been a powerful ambassador for mental health wellness within a challenging industry for many years. With her experience as a woman in construction, a mental health counsellor and a fitness trainer, she has the depth of understanding and ability to empathize in an environment that does not value a soft place to land. She is uniquely positioned to see where the major weaknesses are. Leslee has the vision and skill to eradicate these blind spots that cost the industry both time and money.

In The Right Place

As much as she knew she was helping, supporting and creating safe spaces for her colleagues — she never felt like it was enough. As an employee, she felt shackled by the restrictions and traditions that existed. She saw people struggling to work in a system that doesn’t have the architecture in place to sufficiently support their team. The desire to create her own business, one that was designed with principles that made sense, from the ground up … terrified her. Leaving the safety net of employment, breaking out and going solo, starting something so new in an industry weighed down by archaic tradition — how was this possible?

A transition from employee to entrepreneur requires:

  1. An job exit strategy
  2. A clear vision of the new normal that Leslee is compelled to create in her industry
  3. Clear products and services designed to elevate her clients and her industry.

Leslee had the vision and the dream, she reached out to LeapZone’s team of experts to ensure that her dream turned into a reality. Because hope is not a strategy!

Working with the LeapZone coaches showed me that I didn’t have to *wait* to be a Million Dollar Business Owner - I AM THAT PERSON right now! So, show up every day as her!

The AHA Moment?

At LeapZone, we have our very own retreat center called Trailblazers where we lead customized private positioning, leadership and business growth retreats for business leaders and their key players to have time away from the office to share in extremely valuable time together. These private breakthrough retreats are reserved solely for key players of a business to think, explore, create and innovate to accelerate growth. As soon as Leslee made the decision to commit to a Trailblazers retreat, the shift in perspective began! “Working with the LeapZone coaches showed me that I didn’t have to wait to be a Million Dollar Business Owner- I AM THAT PERSON right now! I show up every day as her! My coaching sessions allowed me to understand that I didn’t need to wait, that I had everything I needed inside me to make the changes needed to grow and thrive!”

At LeapZone, we truly believe in the importance and value of taking a *time out* to work ON your business rather than IN it. We know that getting away from your everyday, busy environment is key to growing your business. It makes it much more enjoyable, effective, and let’s face it – possible.

When Leslee walked through the door at Trailblazers, she wasn’t sure HOW she would get to the point of clarity and she was ready to trust the magic of our process! “The whole day was pivotal, but the moment that still give me butterflies was getting a crystal clear understanding of exactly what my brand stands for (my brand DNA). I was always so bogged down by not being clear on that before. You listened to all my words, all my thoughts, all the things I say at work and distilled it into a clear and cohesive masterpiece! The whole process was simply amazing!”

What else changed and evolved after working with LeapZone?

Since working with LeapZone, Leslee has experienced a complete rebrand AND mindset shift. She is now crystal clear about who she is as a leader, as a consultant and as a brand. She is clear about her money-generating edge and what makes her the first, the best and the only. She now fully owns her badassery and has learned that being more Leslee in everything she does is a big part of her growth and success.

Where once there was a hodgepodge of different ideas, thoughts and principles, there is now a singular, cohesive brand identity and personality that speaks to her skills loud and proud. From brand clarity to compelling and engaging content Leslee was and continues to be transformed through LeapZone’s Trifecta Framework of: Positioning. Personality. Performance.

The Results

A pivotal Brand Foundation
A clear prospecting strategy
100% more confidence
Increased Ideal Client Attraction

“People ask me all the time how I can muster this much energy. And I just say I don’t know what happy means for you, but for me, it’s all about clearly knowing and owning my badassery and unleashing my genius strategically and unapologetically.  I have always done that for other people and now, I get to do it for ME!”

With the guidance, perspective and creative genius of the LeapZone Team and their Trifecta Framework, Leslee now has the confidence to move forward with gumption. Since her Trailblazers Positioning Retreat, she has left her high paying job to start a business of her own and is enjoying making a greater impact in her industry.  It just took the LeapZone team to help her make her dream…a reality!

Our Work

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Brand To Make Life Better - Be The First, The Best or The Only with Isabelle Mercier Turcotte, pioneer brand strategist and business performance catalyst and Margarita Romano, visionary & equine guided strategist at LeapZone Strategies™.

Brand Fearlessly.

Come alone, grab your business partner or rally your key team players and join us at Trailblazers for some important strategic time to assess and elevate your business processes and systems, brand foundation and opportunities for growth; from the inside out! Uncover some potential blind spots, AND get clear about what you need to eliminate, automate and delegate to help you dismantle the status quo and create alignment!

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Unbridle Your Inner Rockstar.

Live by design, not by default. Powerfully show up in your life by exploring what's holding you back AND what propels you forward. Tap into your true inner power to live with more alignment and lead with more confidence. Embrace your inner rockstar in the space of horse wisdom and identify your biggest tolerations to feel on fire and unstoppable. Become the Trailblazer that you were born to be.

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