Having a sounding board to ask questions, run ideas by and help with decisions on a day-to-day basis makes a massive difference!

At LeapZone, we work with Bold, Brave and Passionate clients. We were born to work with people who are obsessed with being the best at what they do and thrive on delivering their “genius” in a simple, impactful, and differentiating way. Period.

The Truth About Us

The LeapZone Trifecta Strategy & Coaching Process™ focuses on the 3 vital ingredients required to build a successful business and brand: POSITIONING | PERSONALITY | PERFORMANCE

Our result-driven process creates accountability and helps you build an outstanding brand and culture of trust and team work. This process also helps you successfully implement the strategies and get through the blocks that appear along the way to accelerate your growth.

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Creating Massive Clarity To Attract The Right Clients.

Ditch the Drama And Turn Stress Into Success

Janice knows she is excellent at what she does. Through her proven system using assessments, interviews and honest conversations, she knows how to get to the root cause and, within a supportive environment, create more accountability, responsibility and authority within a company! She is called in when there is a misunderstanding, reactionary communication; basically, people aren’t getting along, and the bottom line is impacted!

When The Supporter Needs Support!

Janice was confident in her business, knew she was creating positive change for her clients, and she also knew she was headed for burnout. She reflected: “I needed a sounding board to ask questions, run ideas by. An external brain. Circled the drain for years with sales, marketing & positioning. I know what I know – I am above average at what I do, and I wanted someone to see beyond.”
Janice was worried she would leave a business she loved because she couldn’t see the path to more ease in her own business. When she engaged with LeapZone, Janice was shown how to position her brand strategically to play competitively in her field! Understanding different revenue streams and how to attract them kept Janice in business. Clarity around WHO her best clients were and how to speak to them was PIVOTAL to her getting into a more effortless flow! “I am more vulnerable professionally now, and business has changed so much, I needed to understand how to be more transparent and let things go!”

Having the incredibly responsive LeapZone Team in my back pocket means I now have the strategy and encouragement to take the next step forward!

There is no question that through implementing the LeapZone Trifecta, Janice’s Brand now truly reflects her heart-centred way of showing up for her clients. Her BRAND PROMISE is transparent and connected to everything she does; this allows her marketing to be MAGNETIC to the right people!

What is one thing you genuinely appreciate about working with LeapZone?

Janice noted: Personal is professional; I was exhausted and tired, tired of hunting and generating business.”

As soon as she began the process with LeapZone, Janice could re-energize herself and her business! Now she has a system, has hired an administrative assistant, takes time off and has an architecture to work ON her business, not just in it.

The Results

Increase Gross Revenue
Working with ONLY ideal clients
Created business architecture to ensure more ease
Crystal clear on business development strategy
Janice didn’t let her apparent success cloud her ability to reach out and ask for help. Being a coach herself, she knew the only way to break through and reach new personal and professional growth levels, and she had to extend a hand up. In her words: I wanted shortcuts, I don’t want to read the instructions, give me the f*cking Cliff notes and let’s go!”
She can now stand tall in her brand, fill her cup first, and then provide exceptional services to her clients! Self-Awareness is CRITICAL; Janice’s business looked great from the outside, but inside she was ready to pack it all in. Her contemplation over whether it was all worth it led her to LeapZone. “The people on the LeapZone team are heart-centred, outcome-driven and absolutely can stay present between creating a great mix between those two things. I am working in Woo woo land but also have practical feet on the ground.”
Janice is poised to leap to higher levels of success with her business, using her heart to create a plan and her head to get there. 

Our Work

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Brand To Make Life Better - Be The First, The Best or The Only with Isabelle Mercier Turcotte, pioneer brand strategist and business performance catalyst and Margarita Romano, visionary & equine guided strategist at LeapZone Strategies™.

Brand Fearlessly.

Come alone, grab your business partner or rally your key team players and join us at Trailblazers for some important strategic time to assess and elevate your business processes and systems, brand foundation and opportunities for growth; from the inside out! Uncover some potential blind spots, AND get clear about what you need to eliminate, automate and delegate to help you dismantle the status quo and create alignment!

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Unbridle Your Inner Rockstar.

Live by design, not by default. Powerfully show up in your life by exploring what's holding you back AND what propels you forward. Tap into your true inner power to live with more alignment and lead with more confidence. Embrace your inner rockstar in the space of horse wisdom and identify your biggest tolerations to feel on fire and unstoppable. Become the Trailblazer that you were born to be.

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