LeapZone uncovered things that we didn’t know needed to be improved, we are constantly being up levelled! We LOVE LeapZone!

At LeapZone, we work with Bold, Brave and Passionate clients. We were born to work with people who are obsessed with being the best at what they do and thrive on delivering their “genius” in a simple, impactful, and differentiating way. Period.

The Truth About Us

The LeapZone Trifecta Strategy & Coaching Process™ focuses on the 3 vital ingredients required to build a successful business and brand: POSITIONING | PERSONALITY | PERFORMANCE

Our result-driven process creates accountability and helps you build an outstanding brand and culture of trust and team work. This process also helps you successfully implement the strategies and get through the blocks that appear along the way to accelerate your growth.

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Designing a profitable business architecture and differentiating brand foundation to create a united, impactful voice.

Grit + Determination + Proven Systems = Success.

Britt Radius grew up in one of the most complex and evolving working environments, during a difficult recession. Grit, determination and unwavering pursuit to reimagine what is possible has gotten them to the incredible 35 years milestone! Their passion for overcoming challenges means they are never comfortable doing something just because ‘it’s the way it’s always been done’. When people, land and compliance matter, Britt Radius is here to help.

The Inside Advantage

As the second generation company grew and evolved, the three leaders Brittney, Dayna, and Breanne, were proud of what they’d built, yet they felt tired, drained and ready to sell at the end of the day. Although they knew they had an incredible team with unmatched capability, they shared: “We were blocked- we knew where we could be-but we felt trapped.” They were tied to a past that no longer was inspiring them, and that is a dangerous drain of energy and confidence.

The three leaders of Britt Radius knew that it was time to do something different and that it would not happen without external help because, as they say: you can solve a problem with the same mind that created it! They applied their passion and love of learning to their ongoing coaching from LeapZone and were and still are dutifully implementing potent winning rituals, strategies and daily rhythms designed for alignment and growth. “Working with LeapZone, we immediately gained clarity about our roles in the company and most importantly, we reconnected with our big audacious vision, which we had lost touch with due to focusing too much on the day-to-day minutia.

Designing a profitable business architecture and potent brand foundation allowed them to up-level their sales process, create accountability within their team and have more financial visibility. As they continue to develop and evolve, the LeapZone coaching team will be there, in the wings, ensuring continued clarity, pivotal shifts and momentum!

LeapZone uncovered things that we didn’t know needed to be improved; we were and still are constantly being up levelled! We LOVE LeapZone!

There is no tippy-toeing around things – Isabelle gets right to the point, letting us know what needs to be eliminated, elevated and innovated to grow the business to the next level. Her NO-BS approach is constantly teaching us to better communicate with our team, our suppliers, our prospects and our clients, allowing us to be much more effective in everything we do.

Hiring LeapZone was one of the best decisions of our career!

They are the very best at what they do and specialize in differentiation, strategic positioning and mindset & inner game, which was massively helpful for me to anchor and own the transformation and reclaim my confidence in the business that I’ve worked so long and hard to build.

What else changed and evolved after working with LeapZone?

Since working with LeapZone, Britt Radius has undergone a massive Business Model and Brand Renovation. The bones were there, but we knew we needed more robust positioning and messaging to better attract and resonate with our ideal prospects and clients. The complete brand overhaul was the catalyst for so many other massive shifts. The leaders of Britt Radius admitted: “There was a disconnect between the three of us, we’ve always worked well together, but it was nowhere near the powerful alignment we have now.”

They are now crystal clear about who they are as leaders, as business owners and as game-changers. They are clear about their money-generating edge and what makes Britt Radius the first, the best and the only. More than ever, they own their badassery and are not afraid to have brave conversations when needed.

Where there was once a mixed bag of different ideas and visuals online and offline, there is now a singular, cohesive brand identity and personality that speaks to their skills loud and proud. From stunning visuals to compelling messaging, the Britt Radius brand and website were transformed from top to bottom through LeapZone’s Trifecta Framework of Positioning. Personality. Performance.  

No longer do the owners of Britt Radius wonder if it is time to move on; they have renewed clarity, energy and excitement as they tackle their life’s work! Armed with a visual brand that powerfully reflects what makes them the #1 choice for their ideal clients and daily rituals that have taken their team to new heights, they know when they are clear on the ‘what’ the ‘how’ has no choice but to show itself.

The Results

An Incredibly Effective Rebrand
Higher Profitability & Team Alignment
Systems and Training Designed to Support Expansion
Architecture Create to Foster A Solid Company Culture
When we asked the team at Britt Radius to highlight the measurable results that we have created together so far, we listed increased revenue and profitability level, a more organized business, greater team efficiency and alignment, stronger mindset and the addition of new, money-generating services…they enthusiastically responded with: “All of the above! At an Executive Level, we now have weekly scorecards and the entire team has adopted winning rituals, and daily rhythms designed to grow our revenue and profitability.”  
Being incredibly teachable both as individuals and within the business allowed the Britt Radius team to be vulnerable and brave and advance through the LeapZone Trifecta with confidence and clarity; we look forward to our ongoing work together and watching what they achieve in the NEXT 35 years!

Our Work

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Brand To Make Life Better - Be The First, The Best or The Only with Isabelle Mercier Turcotte, pioneer brand strategist and business performance catalyst and Margarita Romano, visionary & equine guided strategist at LeapZone Strategies™.

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