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I have 100% confidence and now fully own that we are the best at what we do in our industry! And that alone is worth pure gold and real money in the bank!

At LeapZone, we work with Bold, Brave, and Passionate clients. We were born to work with people who are obsessed with being the best at what they do and thrive on delivering their “genius” in a simple, impactful, and differentiating way. Period.

The Truth About Us

The LeapZone Trifecta Strategy & Coaching Process™ focuses on the 3 vital ingredients required to build a successful business and brand: POSITIONING | PERSONALITY | PERFORMANCE

Our result-driven process creates accountability and helps you build an outstanding brand and culture of trust and team work. This process also helps you successfully implement the strategies and get through the blocks that appear along the way to accelerate your growth.

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Evolving A Brand To Inspire A Major Shift In Confidence.

Happy, Wealthy  & Free

Jeanna Gabellini’s company, MasterPeace Coaching, is the result of over 20 years of experience helping business owners understand that “hard work pays off” isn’t always true—sometimes what a business needs is an entire overhaul in how its leadership thinks. That’s where Jeanna steps in with her wisdom, advice, and real-world experience to help entrepreneurs feel more empowered and less overwhelmed by their businesses. She prides herself on being a straight-talk business coach that helps business owners feel “happy, wealthy, and free.” 

The Opportunity

Jeanna came up against her own roadblock in recent years—she had evolved, she had matured and become a much more influential coach…but her brand, marketing collateral, and the website was no longer an accurate representation of her personality, her unique selling proposition, and worse, it was no longer effectively represent her business. It all was outdated, unattractive, and no longer resonating with her ideal clients which are VERY costly. She was feeling weighed down by it. In fact, she told us; “I didn’t feel confident talking about the overall problem I solve for my clients, and the promise of what I deliver.” That’s a serious problem for any entrepreneur, but especially a business owner like Jeanna, selling time and genius for a living.

A brand has 3 main purposes:

  1. To get noticed
  2. To get recognized as the best solution to a big problem to help make life better
  3. To inspire people to take action and become passionate advocates

A website’s job is to be your very best, 24/7 spokesperson. Its job is to grab your client’s and prospects’ attention and have them want to stay to explore, learn, and ultimately, take action. 7 seconds is all it takes for someone to feel if you are credible and worth listening to and Jeanna was not leveraging any of that.

Jeanna wanted to pull her business together into a cohesive, visionary brand that would speak to both her professionalism and her transformative ability as a coach. She needed a cutting-edge, contemporary website design that would be worthy of her mad talent to help her stand out—in the best way possible. 

After extensive research, I chose to work with LeapZone Strategies because their track record is second to none.

They are the very best at what they do and specialize in differentiation, strategic positioning, and mindset and inner game which was massively helpful for me to anchor and own the transformation and reclaim my confidence in the business that I’ve worked so long and hard to build.

What else changed and evolved after working with LeapZone?

Since working with LeapZone, Jeanna has experienced a complete rebrand AND mindset shift. She is now crystal clear about who she is as a leader, as a coach, and as a brand. She is clear about her money-generating edge and what makes her the first, the best, and the only. She now fully owns her level of edginess and has learned that being more Jeanna in everything she does is a big part of her growth and success.  

Where once there was a hodgepodge of different ideas and visuals online and offline, there is now singular, cohesive brand identity and personality that speaks to her skills loud and proud. From stunning visuals to compelling calls-to-action, the MasterPeace Coaching brand and website was absolutely transformed from top to bottom through LeapZone’s Trifecta Framework of Positioning. Personality. Performance.  

The Results

100% Confidence
Higher Profitability
More Influential Culture
Increased Ideal Client Attraction

Well, everyone on her team now follows her Brand Style Guide and Manifesto, so everything being produced now looks and feels completely streamlined, professional, and aligned. “We are so much more efficient in everything we do. We make better and faster decisions which are allowing us to grow at a faster pace….and that makes me and my bank account happy. Our entire company is performing better as our systems and processes are clear, uncluttered, easy to use, and most importantly, deliver moments of delight for everyone. I now look at branding as so much more than a logo, tagline, and website. Branding is a secret weapon to becoming a better leader, a better client magnet, a better innovator, and a better money generator!”

Today, Jeanna’s overall brand is now aligned with who she is and how she wants her company to be remembered. Jeanna’s lack of clarity and confidence has now been replaced with absolute certainty and pure alignment.

Clarity, confidence, and alignment are absolutely crucial for any business owner, and Jeanna recognizes the significance and tangible results of that change. She now has full-on confidence about conveying her genius and no longer second-guesses anything she creates, offers, or does which has resulted in more ideal clients and more profit. Who doesn’t want that, right?

Because of our work together, Jeanna Gabellini now has the tools she needs to talk about MasterPeace Coaching with total conviction that they are, indeed, the best at what they do.

Our Work

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