LeapTV™ Episode #4: What Does Your Brand Promise?

BRAND PROMISE – Are you delivering? Understand what it takes to create a strong brand promise. Mini Cooper teaches us how to build instant customer trust in this week’s BRAND HERO.
PERFORMANCE TIP OF THE WEEK: The Voice Recorder – capture your ideas as they happen!

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LeapTV™ Episode #3: Busy Does Not Mean Profitable

BRAND HICCUP: A  lesson in customer service from Raw Canvas Cafe.  Busy does not mean profitable; Working hard vs. Working smart. PERFORMANCE  TIP OF THE WEEK: Bubble Time; your daily block of uninterrupted time.

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LeapTV™ Episode #2: The Importance of Brand Consistency

BRAND CONSISTENCY – What impression are you really making? Find out the 60-30-10 ratio of business-building activities. PERFORMANCE TIP OF THE WEEK: The Parking Lot – a simple HOW TO on organizing your thoughts, tasks, and ideas.

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LeapTV™ Episode #1: Branding 101

Ah! BRANDING – What the heck is it and more importantly, what is it NOT? Learn the importance of defining core values and instilling them throughout your business. PERFORMANCE TIP OF THE WEEK: Implementing your daily non-negotiable.

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LeapTV Teaser

Learn what LeapTV™ is all about and why it’s the #1 platform to help you revolutionize the way you do business.

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