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Okay! This tool simply revolutionized the way I do business…and I am not kidding! If you want to dramatically reduce your phone and email time while communicating more effectively, then this FREE tool is definitely for you.

As some of you may know, I have been living with dyslexia all my life. Therefore, writing documents and emails is a very time-consuming task for me; a short email can turn into a 1/2 day catastrophe! And to top it all off, I am 100% visual so when I discovered this tool it truly was love at first sight! I use it every day. The tool is called Jing from Techsmith. What is Jing? Jing is a screen recording software that allows you to visually record your screen while recording your voice at the same time. Find out in this tutorial what we use Jing for and how to get started in a matter of minutes.

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