LeapTV Episode #61: Nobody Likes Plastic Flowers

BRANDING: How I survived forgetting my script on the TEDx Stage in front of 3000 people. LEAP OF THE MONTH: Read your content out loud.

7 Warning Signs That Your Small Business Is Not Setup To Thrive

Discover the #1 mistake that 97% of all small business owners make and how to avoid it. Transform your business into a well-oiled machine to generate more money and freedom. In this video training, you will: Learn The 7 Warning Signs That Your Small Business Is Not Setup To Thrive And…

LeapTV Bloopers: Isabelle’s Crazy Moments_vol.2

Bloopers, bloopers and more bloopers. Watch Isabelle's craziest moments!


LeapTV Bloopers: Isabelle’s Crazy Moments_vol.1

Isabelle loves to laugh, especially at herself. Experience the steam-releasing fun the LeapTV crew has in the making of every episode. Bloopers!!


LeapTV Episode #60: Isabelle Exposed!

BUSINESS: Dina Robertson of Codeshed Solutions hijacks LeapTV and its host, Isabelle Mercier, to pick her brain about the world of entrepreneurs. PERFORMANCE TIP OF THE WEEK: Isabelle shares the business insights she's gained over the years. www.MyLeapTools.com


LeapTV Episode #59: Joint Venture Partnerships

PROPOSALS: How to approach a potential joint venture partnership. PERFORMANCE TIP OF THE WEEK: How to seal a joint venture deal. www.MyLeapTools.com


LeapTV Episode #58: Pitch Yourself the Right Way!

EXPERT GUEST: An interview with Pitch Expert and Master Storyteller Geoffrey X. Lane. PERFORMANCE TIP OF THE WEEK: Create a winning proposal. www.MyLeapTools.com


LeapTV Episode #57: Walk Your Talk

BRANDING: Reliability – How it impacts your business and credibility. PERFORMANCE TIP OF THE WEEK: Don’t step in your own sandcastle. www.MyLeapTools.com


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