In This Episode:

Every business owner has heard the word “branding” — but do they actually know how to build an effective, memorable one? Most don’t. And that lack of good branding is keeping great ideas, products, and services from reaching more customers.

But our guest this week is on a mission to help organizations build brands that people remember — and that their customers want to connect with. Isabelle Mercier is a “no-nonsense” dynamo, born to catapult heart-centered entrepreneurs and business leaders to build impactful brands, businesses, and lives. As one of North America’s top business influencers, bestselling author, two-time TEDx speaker with over 3 million views, and TV show host, Isabelle brings over 25 years of branding, marketing, and customer experience expertise.

Listen to the full episode for more on the essential components of great branding, the downside of having a “mission statement” (plus how a business can improve on that concept), and how Isabelle’s childhood prepared her for her current career.

Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Learn:

  • More about Isabelle’s company, LeapZone Strategies
  • What a “brand foundation” is, and how entrepreneurs can use that to create the “new normal” they want
  • Why Isabelle considers branding to be the “journey of alignment”
  • The “3 P’s” of branding and why each is so important at a company
  • How Disney has created one of the most iconic brands in the world, and what other businesses can learn from them
  • Why “mission statement” is a swear word at Isabelle’s company
  • How Isabelle measures success in her life, plus more about her “units of happiness” concept
  • More about Isabelle’s childhood, and how it helped shape her approaches to branding, risk-taking, and her business
  • How Isabelle’s TEDx talk (which has been viewed more than 3 million times) has impacted her life

Enjoy the video recording below: