I am honored to be amongst the Top 30 Entrepreneurs Disrupting Their Industries In 2022!

As an entrepreneur (and a couple-preneur no less) I am dedicated to making life better for my team, my client, my suppliers and my community. As you know, most of the time, hard work gets unnoticed, but once in a while, it gets recognized and celebrated and this is one of those cool, celebratory moments.

As per Disruptors Magazine, the global economy has been flourishing, resulting in more jobs and economic opportunities than ever before. With the world getting increasingly connected, it’s easier than ever to start a business, reach customers, and scale to new heights of success—all while helping others around the world do the same. While looking ahead at entrepreneurship in 2022 may seem like an impossible task, Disruptors Magazine has done their best to highlight some of the entrepreneurs who are poised to take over the global market in this next decade….and I am honored to be one of them.

Here are top 30 entrepreneurs to watch in 2022.


“Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.”
–Newt Gingrich.


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Brand Strategist & Business Growth Catalyst
Co-Founder/CEO of LeapZone Strategies & Host of LeapTV.com
Isabelle is a ‘no-nonsense’ dynamo, born to catapult passionate entrepreneurs to build impactful brands, businesses and lives. As one of North America’s Top Business Influencers, best-selling author, two-times TEDx speaker with over 3.8 Million views, and TV show host, Isabelle’s sole purpose is to empower change and growth.

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