Contrary to popular belief, there is another, less stressful, way to make a first impression! I believe that first impressions are not about you being liked or good enough or judged, on whether you are competent or good looking or witty. First impressions are an opportunity to receive information from the person you connect with – they are not about you!

The truth you can receive from meeting someone for the first time is impressive if you’re paying attention. Use first impressions to tune into who you’re meeting through your mind, body, and spirit, and use all your senses to receive all the information you can about the person in focus.

I am making my best first impression when I fully show up to receive the other person. When I do that, the information I am tuning into about the other person speaks the truth. First, it lets me know what I’m going to see further down in the relationship. Should we choose to have one? And second, it allows me to tune into my gut instincts if red flags show up as they talk to me. It enables me to get a feel for the person by tuning into their essence.

4 Ways to be more attuned to others: 

  1. Think of listening as an activity. Choose to block out distractions, choose to focus on the person, and choose to let them know you hear them.
  2. Use your body and face the person, make eye contact, and avoid crossing your arms. Be aware of your responses; are they encouraging them to continue?
  3. Be tuned into the ebb and flow of the introduction and be mindful of your inner dialogue.
  4. Avoid ‘multi-tasking’; we aren’t as good at it as we think. When that first conversation happens, ensure you aren’t engaged in other minor tasks!

I choose to try and communicate with people in a way that I believe they will hear me, based on the energy I am receiving from them. Doing that helps me serve them better and learn how they like to be treated. I need to be paying attention to who that person is and how they communicate.

First impressions have always been about you putting your best step forward. So why not flip the narrative and show up for the other person, learn more about the other person and take the time to gather all the information you need to decide where, and if, they fit into your business or life.

This process helps to more easily determine if the interaction is fueling the both of you, and ultimately, do you want to know more? Be an incredible listener and use that tool to create better first impressions because it’s not about you!


The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence.” -Thich Nhat Hanh.


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Margarita is a visionary strategist, processor, business owner, systems engineer, creative writer, fanatical problem-solver, and one of the best selling authors of the business and marketing book titled, The Next Big Thing: Top Trends From Today’s Leading Experts to Help You Dominate the New Economy. She is a certified equine facilitated coach, has a BFA from Concordia University in Montreal and moved to Vancouver in 1994 to work in the film industry. Margarita’s 20 years of experience working closely with people and getting to understand how they think and function through brand development and management and systems creation and implementation, along with her passion for life, make her determined to help entrepreneurs, business leaders and their teams succeed.

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