I am happy for everything we have accomplished and experienced so far. Even tough years are filled with gifts and valuable learning. I am also thankful for reaching this more “mature” age and being able to embrace life’s challenges.

So why am I so happy despite all the shenanigan happening in the world? Because I am real and I am in the moment. There is nothing more powerful than being present.

Stop having a lot of in between the lines and be in the moment

Some people feel stuck and unfulfilled. One of the reasons is that we are so busy being who society wants us to be. 

We tend to forget to set boundaries and saying what we feel, just to please others

Cry if you need to. Speak your truth and also try to listen to the non-verbal cues.

I always know what others really want to say. When I talk to people I always reply to them: “So what I hear you want to say is…” And then they get were surprised that I was able to know what they really meant.

When was the last time you had a brave conversation?

Be yourself and live out LOUD!

Our purpose on this planet is to be real. It is contagious and allows others to be their most authentic state.

Be the most authentic self you can be in every moment and you will have a happier journey. It is our duty as human beings and the responsibility we have to our higher selves.

If there is something you wished you had lived louder for, what would it be?

Being perfect does not mean being real

Being real should be our goal. Though sometimes, it is when you speak with so much clarity that you are taken harshly.

That’s okay, it is part of life. To be misunderstood is part of our journey. So the key to balance is speaking your mind and being KIND to the person you are talking to.

Being human means learning to be REAL and to be COMPASSIONATE at the same time.

Do this for a happier life: Say what you mean and mean what you say.

“When what I think, say and do are in harmony, my world is a better place” I had that tattooed on me.

It means that living your most authentic self makes your world happier.

A lot of people go about their days without saying what they mean. This leaves them feeling cheated and lacking.

I walk every day with love, intention and attention to what I do. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I think you should do that too.

Before you say something, make sure:

  • It is impactful
  • It contains compassion for their
  • It is going to be heard the way it needs to be heard
  • It will be understood the way it needs to be understood

Speak your truth, be kind and be in the moment. Do this and you will have a beautiful journey.

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