In life, you’re measured by what you FINISH… not what you start. What and how we finish something ultimately determine what results we will be creating. Everything, every task, every goal, every race is meant to come to an end. And you will be measured not by the things you started but by your results and how well you bring things to their end.

Some people are afraid of starting something while some are afraid of finishing something. Fear oftentimes become a reason for not finishing what we’ve started. People are afraid of how they will be measured when they finish something.

Stay committed to your decisions. Keep in mind that all your goals and dreams are on the other side of fear. As an entrepreneur, you will most likely find yourself being confronted with fear more times than you want. Keep your attention on the end game. So that you can go through the obstacles and find yourself at the finish line.

Entrepreneurs are idea generators. With the many million things you are juggling to do you need to be focused on doing things from beginning to end. Otherwise, all your good ideas will be for nothing.

Are you seeing your ideas through?


FOCUS is key

Finishing what you started is both smart and important to momentum. The more your energy is spread, the least amount of focus you can have. Spread your energy less and focus your time and genius on high-impact tasks. Focus on tasks that move the needle forward.

At some point, we need to finish a chapter in order to get to the next one. If we stay in one chapter, we get stuck and we won’t be able to finish the book. We won’t be able to gain the lessons or rewards at the end.


Let Go of Irrelevant Things

Let go of something when it is no longer relevant to what you are doing. It is okay to let go of something midway through because it’s now irrelevant. When things are no longer serving you or your purpose, let it go and move on to things that are.

Starting a million things and getting none finished only cripples momentum. It weighs you down and makes you feel that all your balls are landing nowhere important. Don’t keep trying to finish things that no longer creates any value to you. You will only be limiting your actions with the weights that these things are restraining you with. You will never be able to run the mile and get to the finish line with the things that are putting more value into your business and your life.


Get Clear on Your Priorities

Entrepreneurs have a lot of fire in them to put their ideas into action. But most entrepreneurs are not really getting anywhere clear and specific. Get clear on your priorities so you can gain momentum.

The same level of clarity has to happen in all areas of your life. The same level of clarity has to be created both in starting and finishing things. There will be great opportunities that will come your way. If you don’t get clear, you will not be able to find out which opportunities will suit you and your business better. And if you keep letting opportunities in, eventually there won’t be any more room for better opportunities to come in.


Create Room For Better Opportunities To Come Your Way

Sometimes, you need to let go of some things so that you can create room for brand new opportunities to come. Like time and money, you must allow new opportunities to flow.

Evaluate which areas, things, or opportunities are still relevant in your business. Then organize a catalyst task or action for getting it done. Are you creating room for better opportunities in your business?

Closing and finishing things actually create momentum which attracts energy vibration. That energy completely attracts new things your way. It can be new clients, new opportunities, or even a new job. There needs to be closure so you can create room for new things to open or start.


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