Shit sandwiches can be a really cool appetizer for something better.

When life gives you a shit sandwich, you are actually meant to learn a lesson and you are being prepared for or steered into something better.


What Are Shit Sandwiches?

Shit sandwiches are challenges that you are experiencing in your business or in life. These are encounters that leave you struggling, trying and maybe feeling stressed, anxious and confused.

You may not see it at the moment but somewhere in those challenges is something of value.

You just have to partake in it and move on from it. Eventually, you will get something great out of it that you never even thought of or saw as a result.

Every time you run into a shit sandwich, it is actually guiding you or keeping you in the direction of where you’re meant to go. This creates momentum which creates flow. And all of a sudden you’re just naturally going in the direction of the path that you are really meant to take.

As you are moving along, that shit sandwich is possibly there to cause something else to happen. You may either be getting off course or on a course that needs to shift. You can then turn the corner and move towards the goal again.

This requires you to trust and know that there is something better that is being prepared for you.

Challenges test your trust and your commitment to the path you are taking or the work or action you are doing. They are bumps in the road or course correction opportunities that present an even better perspective or way of doing things.

Shit sandwiches are a reflection of what is going on. It is an indication of how you are, how you are thinking, what you are attracting, or what you are doing. You have to really look at it and see. Is it something you are attracting, is it a speed bump, or is it something you need to learn from?


How Do You Avoid Shit Sandwiches?

Shit sandwiches can be avoided by strategy and positioning appropriately and properly. It is essential to pre-empt challenges as it is necessary to navigate them. You have to understand what needs to happen, deal with situations and cope with shit sandwiches when they arise.

During these moments, really tune into what your gut is telling you to do. They can be an automatic bounce back into the direction that you are meant to be in. They can also be quite a challenge. You have to sit with it and decide whether or not you need to stand strong in what you believe in to move past it.

Any obstacle in your way is an opportunity to connect with what you want. It is about the power to choose what we want and in what way we want to deal with it. Focusing 100% of your energy and your attention on what you want – and zero on things that you don’t – want can make a big difference.

When you are neck-deep into your own business, your own career, or your own life, everything becomes easier if you have an outside perspective of the things that are happening. That is why having a coach to guide you and mentor you is key.


Why Is It Essential To Have A Coach?

Having coaches that can help you in the different aspects of your business or your life is absolutely pivotal. You can get lost in your head in the shit sandwich you are having and doubt yourself and your opportunities. In those moments, your coaches are able to feel for you, guide and help you out and have your back.

Having a coach is like having a GPS or a map. They tell you the right way to go or the right places to be to get the best experiences. You will experience those places your way. But you would never have known about them had you not had someone to tell you about them.

Having someone else who has been there and done that is absolutely key in navigating or avoiding the shit sandwiches that are being thrown your way.

In the face of challenges, when you are experiencing opportunities for growth, really dig into what you want. Have clarity around who you are, what you do, who you do it for and why someone should choose you over anyone else. Have someone to help you and guide you. Because on your own, it will take ten times the time, ten times the energy, ten times the money and ten times the amount of shit sandwiches.





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