Great things never came from comfort zones.



Change oftentimes puts us in a battle with ourselves as we try to come to terms with how to deal with it and how to respond to it.

The edges of growth are uncomfortable and make us feel like the path ahead is a lot harder than it actually is going to be.

There are two ways to deal with change. You can either avoid it or embrace it.


‘Hell NO!’ versus Avoidance

We know that saying NO is necessary if we want to grow, but that it is understandably difficult to do sometimes. But when we understand its necessity, it brings us to a point of making a decision and taking action to let go of things that are not really doing us or our business any good.

Avoidance, on the other hand, is the in-between of a “hell yes” and a “hell no”. When we are stuck in the moment of making a decision or taking action because we feel uncomfortable and afraid, we are avoiding. The first indication that we are avoiding is when we are in the state of being uncomfortable.



Being Uncomfortable on the Edges of Growth

When we are uncomfortable, we tend to bounce around with what to do but we don’t really take action. We don’t show up when we need to, or we tend to push things aside for the moment thinking we can deal with it later because it makes us feel uncomfortable.

But every time we do that, it keeps on showing up and presenting itself, and sometimes does so differently. The same issue comes back over and over until you get clear on where you stand and what you decide to do with the situation.

Just like a snowball, it grows and grows and every time it comes back, we are faced with the same issue, but we face them either in a different fashion or with more issues attached to it.

We hide behind reasons and disguise our avoidance with excuses.

Be honest with yourself when you are on the edge of mastery and growth. Is there really a reason why you can’t do something, or are you just avoiding? What is it that you are trying to avoid?


Discomfort is a Sign of Growth

Bumping into the edges and going through the door of fear and confusion are not fun and can

be annoying. But it can lead you to greater things and better opportunities. The universe will not hand you what you asked for on a silver platter. But it will give you several opportunities to practice and learn so you can achieve whatever goals and dreams you have set out.

Being uncomfortable is a sign that you are at the moment of doing something great. When things become difficult and challenging, these are the moments that when you actually go through it with all the grace, power, and vulnerability, you are presented with so much greatness and growth. When you don’t avoid it, you will be able to push your edges of growth and mastery a little further.


Embracing Change

Embracing change can be rewarding. But getting the reward as you move through change will not always be immediate nor will it be obvious sometimes. It is always different.

The key is to have faith in knowing that as you move through a stuck point, you’re opening up a flow. Regardless of when that flow will happen, when you move through change you are assured that it is going to happen.

Sometimes, we don’t realize that we are tethered to people and to things and a lot of times, these tethers hold us back. We need to let go of some of these tethers to open up opportunities in our relationships and our businesses. It takes faith and trust, but it also takes an understanding that we are saying yes or no for the right reasons and that we are really letting go of things that are holding us back.


Perspective is Key to Change

When you choose to embrace a change in your business or in your life, you are growing. You will be able to get clear with what you need to do and pushes to do the things that will help you grow.

There are two different kinds of changes, one is holding you back and the other is propelling you to move forward and grow. Ask the questions so you know which ones propel you to grow.

Growth is difficult but it is interesting. It gets us to look at things more with curiosity. Approach change and growth instead of avoiding them. Understand when there is a need or a desire to grow so that you can move your edges and say yes or no when the time calls for it.

Perspective is key. When change occurs and you feel afraid, overwhelmed, and uncomfortable, all you may need is a whole new perspective. Don’t avoid but step away for a while. Then ask the questions and see what answers you find when you are looking at things differently.


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