Written by Karl Bryan from Six-Figure Coach Magazine

I’m clearly not riding around in the car with you… but I’m confident the list below contains time wasters you are familiar with and deserve to be removed from your day-to-day schedule:

  1. Doing things, you hate doing
  2. Doing things you‘re not skilled at
  3. Doing things other people ask you to do
  4. Continuing to do something that has already taken twice as long as planned
  5. Stopping something and then planning to come back to it
  6. Doing things where you need to rely on others that are unreliable
  7. Doing something ‘that’s always been done this way’

Coincidently, here are some tasks worth moving your schedule for.

  1. TTT which stands for ‘Time to Think’… create a question and take 45 minutes in a quiet room with zero distractions to write down your thoughts/solutions to it. This will perform like MAGIC for you when done consistently.
  2. Working out/exercise… it’ll pour gasoline on your daily productivity and your income.
  3. Identifying your 80/20 (50%/1%). Everyone says they know the 80/20 rule but very few apply it.
  4. Things that are directly related to your ultimate vision. See #1 if you’re not clear on your ultimate vision.
  5. Acknowledging “small wins” (small wins are proven to lead to your BIG wins)
  6. High productivity tasks (think 1%/50%) that ‘move the needle’.
  7. Things you’ve always wanted to do (skydive, triathlon, write a book, run a live event etc…)
  8. Exploring innovative/new ways of doing something that’ll increase your effectiveness/productivity.
  9. Doing things that heighten your creative juices.
  10. Getting others to complete your low-end tasks (cleaning, cooking, driving, laundry etc…). Hire a cleaner and use the two hours to educate yourself on something that will pay dividends in your business.
  11. Identifying high productivity individuals and working/partnering with them.

What’s happening in the world will never affect you, your clients, your family, your business as much as your daily habits will.

Carve out 90 minutes of thinking time and resolve ONE thing that will help you move the needle forward.