There is a hell of a lot of bullshit going around that drives everyone into that scarcity-fear-based mindset to question things in business or our personal life. It’s sabotaging self-talk!

Bullshit is mostly a fabrication. It’s something that isn’t real, designed to throw us off our journey towards success. And what happens is things start to go in a downward spiral because of the BS, and then a lot more BS starts that attracts more and more BS.


It Is Time To Have Your Bullshit Shield Up.

Be conscious of what you’re letting in. You have to make sure that you let in what you want to let in and not somebody else’s BS.

Be cautious as you wade through all the BS. The stories you create, that inner dialogue you make and the language you use daily can get your bullshit meter going askew.


How Does This Affect You Internally?

The frequency that we’re creating and putting out there is the frequency that’s going to come back. Physics tells us that if you throw shit in the fan, it’s going to come back right at you.

Eliminate what’s coming in as best you can so you’re not filtering as much, even just in terms of quantity.


What Is That Filter Mechanism That You Can Use To Create Your Bullshit Shields?

Filter the bullshit through your heart so that it becomes easier to go through.

When you filter BS through your head, you churn out questions, conceive doubts that create fear, and amplifies what’s coming. But if you filter through the heart, it diffuses the BS and makes choices clear and easier to make.


Slow Down And Take The Time To Relax.

Allow yourself to relate to what’s happening and how it affects you or your business.

Does it need to affect you? Is it about you? How much should you interact with the situation at that particular time?

If the answer is no, put it aside and focus on what you are doing and what you need to accomplish. That’s when you develop action toward those that you want to change.


Be Systematic And Set Up Your Anti-Bullshit Strategy.

Take the time to set up the structures so that the bullshit doesn’t even make it to you anymore. Filter through what comes in and choose which ones you think are important for your business.

The more BS you avoid and eliminate, the clearer it becomes for you to determine what you need to improve to achieve success.


Create a Winning Ritual.

Systematically set yourself up day in and day out so that you’re taking care of yourself, and you are in a better position to handle the crap that comes in.

Slowing down and being present allows you to see the BS for what it is. This can help in changing your perception around it.

When you slow down and be present, don’t fill that space in your mind with nonsense. Instead, fill it up with things that serve the highest good for you and your business. Fill it with the projects that you are working on and connections that you have to make.


Architect Your Day To Be BS-Free

Stop treating everything like it’s a surprise. You know what will happen if you are in tune and focused on yourself and your business.

Use what’s around you to make sound decisions and create raw and real connections. The level of information that is flying out there today is demanding people to heart-to-heart connect.

There is a need to focus on what you’re doing and dealing with by keeping your bubble shield strong.

There is no better time than now to stay that course and keep the dial tuned to the frequency that serves you best.


Do Some Self-Inventory.

Check the different areas of your business, such as your social media, news affecting your industry, colleagues, conversations you are engaging in, and be aware of what is serving you. 

Get clear on the BS in yourself to create the strategy and act towards deflecting it and focusing on those that serve you better.

Where are you letting bullshit into your life? 

Where can you put up a shield, architecture, or system to help you eliminate it so it will not reach you or help you deal with it?

Is bullshit running your day, or are you?





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