Nothing is so exhausting as indecision, and nothing is so futile.”

-Bertrand Russell


The grey zone is the middle zone of your ‘hell yes’ and your ‘hell no,’ the maybe in your decision-making process. Maybes can be costly. They can drain your energy, your emotions or your bank account.

The more we sit in the maybe, the less momentum, energy and desire we have in attracting clients.

How do you manage the middle zone when working on your business?


Create The Right Energy

Positive energy is created in any relationship when a person is in it to win it from the beginning. Though the thought process is very important, dragging things into a very long and unnecessary thinking process drains us of our energy.

When you’re putting your business out there and sharing your products and services, you should speak in a way that has people deciding on the spot.

Face Indecisions & Uncertainty

When speaking to potential clients, what you share divides the room into a ‘hell yes’ or a ‘hell no.’ The conversation should be clear enough that it leads people to a strong decision in either direction. It is about making a statement that catches people’s attention.

Indecision is paralyzing. Uncertainty pushes us into the grey zone.

How do we manage to get ourselves out of the grey zone in a time of uncertainty?

Make the ‘hell yes’ or ‘hell no’ decisions whenever you can and focus on that. Put your blinders on. Keep focused on the most important things in your business that you can move forward in. Look at everything that is going on with clear lenses.

Make decisions and commit. Don’t stand idle, wasting your time and energy, thinking about things that don’t create much impact on your business.


Get Out Of The Grey Zone

The grey zone is where you stand on something, whether it’s a wholeheartedly leaning forward “hell yes” or a clear, undeniable not-the-way-you-want-to-go “hell no.”

Deciding on a “hell yes” or a “hell no” will get you out of the grey zone quicker when you do it faster.

Say ‘no’ to things that may sound appealing but that you know, in the long run, are not the right choice. Put into the ‘no’ zone the things that you feel are not a full body ‘yes’ so you can avoid ending up in the grey zone.

Tune in to your gut and get out of the grey zone by getting out of your head. Your head is where the debate happens, where the fear comes in and where all the chatter gets louder.

The quickest way to get out of the grey zone is to take a moment and ground yourself. Try to ignore all the nagging thoughts that are going on in your mind. When there’s so many chatter going on, listen to your gut in whatever decision you have to make.


From The Grey Zone & Into Success

We need to create boundaries, have trust and clarity to move from the grey zone and into our area of intention.

Time and opportunities will not wait for you as you debate within your head what your next move is. Your indecision will only let these opportunities slip by, and your dreams destroyed. You need to choose and pick a path where you can confidently walk with every step.

Clients get attracted to brands and businesses that are clear and confident with where they want to go and how they take action. If you are wallowing in indecision, you cannot take action. And action is the basis of success.


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