Since the pandemic, 60% of consumers have tried a product or service for the first time and 89% of them plan to stay with this new option. That is HUGE!!!
Educated people buy more! 300% more to be precise. 

Scripts, emails, newsletters, videos, signage and live demonstrations. Think about Costco…they get you to taste the products and learn from live demonstration all the time. That’s why Conventions and Markets work so well for promoting and selling products. 

So, let’s talk about: 
  • What is educational based marketing.
  • How important it is to educate, teach and offer in a way that will position your brand as The First, The Best or The Only. 
  • Low – No Cost Marketing


Educational Based Marketing is a FREE marketing strategy that educates your potential buyers and positions you as the AUTHORITY in your industry. It allows you to get people to know that YOU GET THE PROBLEM they’re trying to resolve…and YOU have an intelligent SOLUTION for them. 

TRUTH >> The bigger the problem…the more people will listen, resonate and ultimately…buy, regardless of price.

And understanding this is key: In every problem, therein lies the next solution, and in every solution, therein lies the next problem.
It’s important for you to BE a brand that contributes to sharing and teaching what you know. You are good at what you do, right? Share your brilliance freely.
Sharing is caring…and caring creates trust….and trust turns prospects into customers and customers into loyal fans. (There you have it.)

Out-Teach Your Competitors

When you teach to resolve a top of mind problem, everyone wins. Here are a few ways to teach your clients and prospects while positioning yourself as the AUTHORITY in your industry.
  • Webinars
  • Masterclasses
  • FB Lives
  • TEDx Talks
  • Infographics
  • Vooks (Books that include videos for more training depth)
  • Lead Magnets
  • Episodic Video Series
  • Episodic Training Tutorials
  • Podcasts
All AMAZING ways to help you CLAIM your position and credibility while making life better for yourself and others. 

The key to Educational Based Marketing is to:

  1. Establish credibility for yourself
  2. Highlight problem for resonance
  3. Educate
    • Datapoint #1 – Educate 
    • Datapoint #2 – Educate
    • Datapoint #3- Educate and uncover Next Logical Problem
  4. Offer Solution
  5. Propose an irresistible deal


1. Email Your Database – Regular contact and education with your database.

The key is to connect and nurture your prospects and clients regularly. 

    • At LeapZone, we have a 72-week nurture campaign + weekly social media to ensure that we are continually educating and staying top of mind. 
    • We re-purpose content as we believe in leverage. For example, 1 Facebook Live can produce a whole month of content. 

A prospect of ours took seven years to finally work with us. Yes, you heard right, 7 years! When they finally took the plunge, I asked them why they chose us…and she said: because I trust you. You’ve been connecting and educating us for years….of course; we would choose you!

The problem is most people don’t have a nurture campaign, or if they do, their newsletters or emails go out about once every five months – which is simply not enough.

TIP: Collect ten impressive examples from your competition and others in like-minded industries and use them as a starting point in terms of articles, call to action, wording, headlines, etc…and set aside ONE Friday a month where you write content for the next month or two. I have a Gmail folder called SAMPLES, and when I see something that’s well done or that sparks me, I put it in there for future inspiration.

2. Printed Thank You Cards – No one else is doing it!

So simple yet so powerful in terms of developing clients that ‘pay, stay and refer’. Send Out Cards built a BOOMER of a business on this concept because no one does it but know they should.


3. Email Signature

When was the last time you went to the bottom of an email to find a phone number? Your email signature is a GREAT place to show your market-dominating position, book, awards, certifications. It’s also a great place to ask for referrals and state why people should do business with you.

4. Business Cards

I know, right? Business cards are making a huge comeback, and it’s a great place to say what you do and why people choose YOU instead of anyone else, regardless of price.

5. Send out Invoices

You and your clients are paperless? That’s precisely why they can work again. Shift your mind to ‘direct mail’ versus that you’re sending invoices to let them know they paid your bill and say thank you.


6. Craigslist Posts

A friend of mine made millions of dollars via classified ads on online sites like Craigslist.

  • These ads can cost you literally next to nothing… try them.
  • If they make one sale per year, they would easily pay for themselves. If they sell you something once a month, they could be a little piece of gold that pays for your family vacation.
  • Once a week and they can grow you a 7 figure business that would never need to consider anything that resembles cold calling. 

7. Speaking at Meet Ups, Chamber of Commerce’s & Online Summits

  • Speaking has been and remains a gold mine for us at LeapZone – hands down.
  • ONE speaking gig has brought in over $250,000 of business over three years…talk about a gift that kept on giving, right?

8. Small Business Publication

There are publications like the ‘Coffee News’, local newspapers etc… that sit in fast-food restaurants, dentist offices, and other desirable locations with a high readership. Now, I am not suggesting that you design your annual marketing program around a small ad in the coffee news, but it is silly not to test something inexpensive with a high readership to see if it may generate results. ONE article highlighting LeapZone in a few local newspapers has greatly elevated our visibility on Vancouver Island within a few short months.

9. Facebook Posts / Lives / Watch Parties

Simple, free and actually super engaging. At Leapzone, we have our NO BS Thursdays Facebook Live Series, which is fun to deliver and produces at least six pieces of content that we re-purpose weekly. Each Facebook Live produces:

  • 1 Blog Post
  • 5 Facebook Posts
  • 5 Instagram Posts
  • 1 LinkedIn Article
  • 1 Nurture Email
  • 3 Instastories

Not bad for ONE Facebook Live, right? Try it, it’s fun AND it’s effective.

10. Ask The Expert

We often create an “Ask The Expert Zoom Panel” where we invite prospects and clients to come and ask us anything they want regarding growing their brand and business. It allows us to meet new people while being of service. We answer questions and help people pivot so they can grow…and we do it for free! Doing so allows us to share our genius and create trust, and often have the opportunity to invite prospects to become clients.



Educated people buy more. It’s your responsibility as an entrepreneur to educate your prospects so they can make informed decisions, and the brand that is most consistently present in their lives will win.

Enjoy taking action because knowing the above will do NOTING for you…unless you implement it.