Cache owns his inner bad ass. He is an extremely direct and driven being with a beautiful heart helping people set boundaries, and trust and own their greatness. He is VERY dedicated to helping people move past their fears and the obstacles they face, and takes his work here at Trailblazers VERY seriously. In fact, he is constantly pushing us to book retreats.

He’s a Missouri Foxtrotter which means he has a special gait. The Fox Trot gait has a sliding action. The back remains level and the rider does not feel the effects of the movement. Another fun fact about Cache is we have barely had the chance to feel his movement because he doesn’t move!!! 🙂

Cache’s best time of day is feeding time ’cause his favourite activity is eating. He loves baby carrots, apples, watermelon, hay cubes, treats…he’s not difficult. And what’s likely to tick him off?  Getting fed last…of course.

He invites you to stay tuned for the upcoming horse wisdom he will share with us all in his little corner of the online world.