Written by Craig Jarrow. Posted by Isabelle Mercier 

I recently undertook a large project. (The fruits of which you will soon see and enjoy). It was an overwhelming task that has taken up the majority of my free time lately.
It was difficult to get off-the-ground and started. However, getting it finished has proven even tougher. I share this story, because we all go through this.
Starting a big project can be hard, but finishing it to done is often harder still.

Getting Started
Any big project can be intimidating to begin. So many details, too many decisions, where to start even…(I know you know what I mean…) Yet, once we get going, the momentum builds, time flies, and progress soars. However, when we get close to the finish line, a different situation occurs. Friction, drag, and myriad details seem to stop all forward motion. And there we sit, within sight of the finish but unsure how to get there both mentally and physically. This is when what Steven Pressfield calls “The Resistance” steps in and tries to prevent you from completing what you started. Simply put, these are the life friction, complications, emotions, and other factors that prevent you from finishing.
Now, you are stuck.

To the Finish
You can probably see the finish line from here. But, how to get there is another matter. This is when you must dig in, and dig deep within yourself to muster the needed resources to finish your work. Because if you never manage to ship, then your work is wasted.

Leap of the Week
We all have left a big project stranded inches from the finish line. So, take a moment to consider what big project have you been meaning to complete.

What will it take to actually finish it?

Best wishes,