by Craig Jarrow of Time Management Ninja

Leapers! This week’s blog post will be short…but the topic is important.
I want you to take out a piece of paper and do one thing:

The question is, “What decision do you need to make?”
Write that decision topic on the piece of paper now.
Make Your Choice

Often, we avoid decision.
Maybe it is out of fear of making the wrong choice.
Or of missing out on something else.
But, not making decisions is one of the worst forms of procrastination.

By delaying, you put your life on hold. You weigh down your mind with unfinished business. And ultimately, you let life make decisions for you.
Whatever decision you need to make, I urge you to make a choice and move forward today.
Your decision doesn’t have to be a big life-altering one. Often, the small ones are the ones that keep us up at night.
So, big or small… make a choice today.
You will feel a sense of peace and accomplishment by just making your choice.

And…of course, the next step is to act on your decision…

Make it a productive week!

PS – We would love to hear what decision you have made. Simply comment below if you want to share your choice.