By Craig Jarrow from Time Management Ninja

Looking ahead to this week, what do you need to do?

What is on your list?
You are looking ahead… right?
You do have a list, right?
No? Stop.
Don’t do anything until you have made your list.

Making Your List
Often we charge right into our week after the weekend.
But, starting your week without knowing what you need to do is a recipe for ineffectiveness.
That’s where your list comes in.
It lets you see an overview of all your tasks, so that you can choose wisely what you are going to accomplish. (And not accomplish!)

So, Get Your List in Order:

  • Review Your List – What is on your list currently? Maybe there is something that needs advance action or preparation. Maybe there are stale tasks that need to be removed. If you don’t have a list, start it now. Capture any todos that are floating in your head and write them down so they don’t slip your memory.
  • Check Your Calendar – When updating your list, don’t forget to also check your calendar. Don’t let unexpected (yet scheduled) appointments derail your efforts to get work done. Make sure you know what is on your event list this week.
  • Review Your Goals – This is an important step. Just capturing the urgencies in front of you will ensure that you’re always working on today and not tomorrow. Review your goals and always make sure that you have several tasks on your list to take steps towards your goals.
  • Get Your Priorities Straight – OK, so you have your list. It’s updated. Now, make sure that you prioritize it. Pick out the 1- 5 things that must be done this week. Prioritize them. Highlight them. Whatever it takes to make sure that your most important tasks are front-and-center. If you can’t do it all this week, make sure you get those items done.

LEAP OF THE WEEK: Leapers! Isabelle here. First, I want to thank Craig Jarrow from Time Management Ninja for this great reminder….and for inspiring me on a weekly basis with his valuable content. AND I want to add a link to a simple tool that I have created for myself and have been using for many years with my clients. Have a look. I think you might find the concept very useful.

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