Because you want your customers to say:
“I absolutely want to work with you, regardless of price!”

In this economy, you need to be EXTRAORDINARY and always find ways to remain EXTRAORDINARY or you will be eliminated. Period.

Most people think that branding is a logo or a look and feel. I call that an external makeover; branding is far more than that. Let me be crystal clear – a logo means absolutely NOTHING (yes…you read me right), a logo means NOTHING unless of course, the company behind it means something to you.

Now, I am not diminishing the importance of a well designed brand identity (clever logo and tagline, great promotional tools, kick-butt website)…but what I am saying is a look and feel does not get customers to say: “I absolutely want to work with you, regardless of price!”

What does? An innovative product and/or service with a consistent, extraordinary experience delivery system.

Branding is when you take a good, honest look under the hood of your business and get crystal clear about:

1. Who you are and what makes you different.
2. What problems you solve. How is your service or product making life better?
3. What is your measurable and differentiating promise?
4. Who you are best suited to help and most importantly, why should they care?

Uncovering the answers to these key questions…now, that’s branding.
Understanding what your ideal clients want and need…that’s branding.
Answering their needs with your unique selling proposition…that’s branding.
Do that well and you’ve just put yourself way ahead of your competitors.

So you see, branding is much more than a logo. Branding is a never ending journey to ensure that you stay extraordinary to avoid elimination – and that is why you should care about branding your business.