I am a part of The Envy Generator coaching group and I receive different articles from them on a regular basis. I love their articles because they are intelligent and they make me think. This one in particular because it is bang on in my opinion. I could not have expressed it better, so I decided to share it with you all.

The truth is – building a home and building a business have the same fundamental principles. You first need to start with a DESIGN. Understanding that is paramount to your success!!


Let me remind you that you wouldn’t just start hammering pieces of wood together to build your dream home without first considering what you actually want, right? If you don’t identify that you want a hot tub in your new dream home, draw it into the architecture, plan the steps/resources required to install it and pay for the relevant material/labour – how could you ever complain or be surprised when you move into your new home, only to discover that the hot tub isn’t there?!

This is a silly example to highlight a really important aspect of the value of designing, instead of just doing (don’t get confused, the ‘doing’ part is very important, but only if the ‘design’ part is done in advance). If you want to work from the Bahamas 3 months of the year; reach your first million in sales; or be recognized as the best place to work, then you have to consider the following:

•    identify exactly what it is that you want
•    build it into the architecture of your business
•    brainstorm ideas on how to make it happen
•    decide the steps/resources in order to get there
•    pay the ‘cost’ (no magic wand, work has to be done! This is where the ‘doing’ comes in!)

Leap of the Week:

Your challenge this week is to identify areas where you need to STOP doing and START designing. Come up with creative ways to be proactive (instead of reactive) in your business and life.

And…don’t be shy, share your ideas and insights with us by leaving a comment below.

Thanks Envy Generator for a great reminder!