We all know that entrepreneurs are some of the busiest people on the planet. Fitness is often one of the first things to be deleted from our crazy schedules, in favor of working longer hours, attending more networking events, or otherwise planning world domination with our businesses.

That’s a serious mistake. Being healthy and fit is one of the most fundamental ways to kick butt with our businesses! When we’re healthy, we’re more creative, we have more energy, we sleep better, we concentrate better – basically, we run our businesses better. Make health and fitness your #1 priority, and watch excuses melt away.

Here are 7 ways you can start prioritizing health and fitness in your life and your business.

1. Break up your exercise into small chunks.
Smaller bursts of exercise throughout the day are just as effective as one longer session.  Go for a lunch break walk for 10 minutes, take the stairs, do push-ups and sit-ups for 10 minutes while dinner cooks, run around with the kids.

2. Get up early and work out early.
OK, for many people, getting up early is right up there with dreaded tasks such as paying taxes or being eaten alive by fire ants. Getting up early usually fares much better in the getting-stuff-done department compared to staying up late.  Go to bed and get up 30 minutes earlier and do at-home exercises such as yoga, strength training using body weight, or – if you’re really hardcore – conditioning workouts like P90X or Insanity. This way you get your workouts done early in the day, setting the tone for a great day ahead (not to mention fewer excuses compared to later in the day).

3. Sign up for an organics grocery delivery service.
You can save time and eat healthier by signing up for a grocery delivery service.  Take 5 minutes each week to order your groceries online, and a delivery box magically appears on your doorstep. Items from the company I use (www.spud.ca) are similar in price to those from other local organics stores, and delivery is free if I spend more than $35 on a given order. I order everything from household cleaners to produce to readymade meals.

4. Be active while traveling!
My staples for travel: a jump rope, P90X and yoga DVD’s, and resistance bands. Add running and gym workouts (if your hotel has a fitness centre), and you’ve got a full-on fitness regimen.

5. Schedule, schedule, schedule!
Block time into your agenda for working out, and prioritize it. Maintaining your health is just as important (if not more so) than maintaining your business.

6. Be proactive and plan ahead.
Set out your gym gear at night so all you have to do when you get up is grab it and go.  Keep a stash of healthy food in your cupboards and freezer so you don’t resort to unhealthy snacks when you come home ravenous. See my e-book (https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/161692) for more tips and healthy recipes to make ahead.

7. Don’t multi-task!
This may sound strange at first – business owners are pros at multitasking, right? When you’re exercising, I suggest focusing on your workout, and only your workout. Don’t check e-mail, make phone calls, read the newspaper, or plan your day. You’ll be able to get your workout done faster, you’ll feel energized, and you may find exercise meditative – all things that benefit busy entrepreneurs. Use your workout time as “me time” – something most entrepreneurs could use more of.

Leap of the Week
As you know, NOTHING WORKS unless you WORK IT! So take action and implement one of these 7 tips each week for the next 7 weeks. Share which tip you’ll put into action this week in the comments below…we want to know!


Photo by Freepik