Time OffI know a lot of entrepreneurs who can’t walk away from their companies for a day, let alone a week or two for vacation (my husband being one of them). But let me tell you: sometimes stepping away from daily operation is the best thing you can do for the continued success of your brand.

It took me a while to master this art. At first, I just knew that if I left, something would go wrong. Clients would have a problem and I wouldn’t be there to fix it (that’s the issue when you’re a solopreneur like me. There’s no one who can sub for me!). But then I took a vacation. And no one even blinked. Huh. And the funny thing is: after not thinking about my business for a few days or weeks, I was ready to jump back in with fresh eyes and ideas.

I just got back from a two week vacation in Ireland. My company didn’t collapse in my absence. Once I got through the 300 emails waiting for me, I got back into my routine with renewed vigor. I’ve got ideas from my trip that I’ll use in upcoming posts.

My vacation, in a sense, makes me a better business owner. Who wouldn’t want that?

Leap of the Week:
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