By Alex Mandossian,

“The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.” – Sven Goran Eriksson

There are two major fears that commonly get in the way of most entrepreneurs: the first fear is the fear of failure. When individuals struggle with this fear, they do everything we can to avoid getting started. The second fear is the fear of success. Although understanding both fears is important, I’d like to focus on the second fear mentioned. I’m going to guess that you’ve feared success at some level. It happens to everyone. You become afraid that something is going to work, and some way along the way,  you stop doing it, you sabotage and start blaming the things that didn’t work . I have a very specific system that I followed in order to overcome this common challenge, and I want you to try using it as well.

Here are the two ways to overcome the fear of success—to not even focus on it:

1. Publicly declare what you will do with the money once you turn your annual income into a monthly income. That’s what I did. Once I publicly declared it to my colleagues, friends, and family that I wanted to turn my annual income into my monthly income, it became real, and I actually was able to do it.

2. Find out what you are going to do with the extra time you’ll have once you successfully turn your annual income into a monthly income. This is another important part of overcoming your fear of success. Once you publicly declare how you plan on spending the extra time you’ll have after you successfully accomplish the first part of this system, your fears of success will slowly evaporate as you work toward achieving your goals and sticking to your declarations.

Leap of the Week:

Being held accountable is a great motivator. Find a person or a group to be your sounding board, and to hold you to your word!

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