Business is ruthless and should be treated as such. Consumers don’t care about you, or what you’ve invested. Consumers care about one person… Hint Hint: It’s not you. You’ll have to answer one question better than anyone else: “what’s in it for me.”  Craft your business around this question and you’ll succeed.


Like a bright yellow cab you’ve got to stand out. Thousands of businesses close every day because entrepreneurs confuse high quality control with marketing. This mistake can be fatal; focus your efforts on marketing, and branding. High quality products will only bring customers back. Be bold and make a statement with high impact marketing.

Discover the Pain

When you start your business ask yourself what pain you’re solving. Do consumers need your product or service? “Thrill” products or services are more vulnerable to economic influence. When you discover your customer’s pain and provide relief, you’ve found a gravy train. Products and services are on the market for one reason: to solve a problem.

On the Meter

Have you ever been in a cab idling? It’s painful watching the meter go up. Entrepreneurship is similar, every moment you don’t focus on your customers pain, or future opportunity is a moment idling, costing you thousands of dollars. Understand your goals, and objectives. Create To-Do lists and improve your personal discipline. Take 5 minutes each night to review your day’s achievements, and missed opportunities.

Leap of the Week:

Take a stand and be different. Drive your business like a New York City Cab. Be aggressive, and take prisoners. If something gets in between you and success don’t be afraid to run it over. Business can be messy, take a deep breath and go to battle.