I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately…as it is what I do every end of year…and I was thinking about how stupidly crazy 2011 was for me (for us at LeapZone) on many levels. In fact, I can safely say that I burned the candle at both ends this year. Yes…I admit it…I bit off more than I could chew…and I paid a great price for that…and of course, as a result, I learned a few valuable lessons too.

Here are my Top 4:

1. I mistook ‘Enthusiasm’ for ‘Priority’:
I know now that some great ideas HAVE to be PARKED no matter how good they are and no matter how exciting they are, to make room for more immediate and key priorities.

2. I lost my sense of humour:
I started to take everything way too seriously…including myself. Everything became a chore. I tend to do that when I feel like I am losing control.

3. I did not say ‘NO’ enough:
I got lost in the noise of it all. I tolerated way too much. My gut knew better, but I was too busy to listen. Busy, busy, busy! Everything became urgent and important and I know that this is only a representation of a massive lack of focus.

4. I lost sight of MY GAME:
Instead of doing things MY WAY like I normally do…I let myself be influenced by people and circumstances and it altered my quick decision-making abilities. I let myself get confused by other peoples’ noise and basically…bullshit.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Well, I can say that I am grateful for 2011 because it allowed me to experience how my clients feel at times and that has already made me an even better coach and catalyst.

Leap of the Week:
What will you say no to today? This week? This month?
What will you STOP tolerating to create more peace of mind?