I am often asked whether entrepreneurship comes easy to me.

The answer is yes and no.

Yes, the ideas flow easy. They just come.

And no, the things that are built from the ideas most often are only the product of struggle, and sometimes fear, with the terribly difficult task of realizing what one great sculptor called it, the shape within the stone.

The shape often doesn’t reveal itself within the stone that harbors it that easily as the idea which came from nothing did.

The shape within the stone, which is the predecessor of the actual form of the idea in the things which comprise the enterprise, the thing in itself, the thing which makes the enterprise come alive, the thing which calls out its uniqueness, which I am calling the shape within the stone, the face of it if you will, that entity most often takes some muscling time, some sweat too, some working with it without most of time any real clues that indicate which way to go, right or left, or to just stop and take a breath because if you push too hard you’ll probably just ruin it before its time.

I know this must sound terribly complicated, but it’s actually not.

Saying it is, but the doing of it has a natural flow to it.

Much like lifting weights.  Or doing sit ups.

In one moment the weights just feel like dumb stuff on the end of a stick.

At other times they are transformed into an enterprise of sorts, when the exact form of your body, your shoulders, your arms, your calves and thighs and your feet, and of course, your neck, all combine with your mind, and what was only moments before simply dead sullen weight suddenly appears as a luminously exciting idea, the idea of man, and of form, and of intention, and of a moments’ indefatigable honorable breath.

Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Feel the swell of it.  The sweat of it.  The intellectual rigor of it.  The drama of it.  The sudden wonderful  elegance of it.  And then it’s up!

Yes, that’s what entrepreneurship seems like to me when everything is going really well.

Come Dream With Me.  I’ll tell you all about it.