You aren’t seeing what is possible for you, I know that.

How, you ask?  How do you know that, Gerber, when we haven’t even met yet?

It’s simple if you want to know.

I have met you tens of thousands of times as I’ve called upon people like you in business, and people like you before they went into business, people just like you who had a plan, they thought, a plan to escape from the misery of a job they held with someone for whom they went to work, thinking at the time that it was the best they could do. And, at the time, it wasn’t, but they didn’t know that, nor did you.

And then it turned out like this.

Yes, you either own a business or you want to own a business, and now we’re having a conversation about the mistake you made, or will make, as though I know something you don’t know…and you’re asking yourself the question, how could I know?

I know, that’s all, and I’ll describe it in enough ways here that will tell you yes, I do.

You think your business is a reflection of your talent, and it isn’t.  A business is a reflection of its talent, not yours.  If the other, a reflection of you, than the business is a gone goose from the very beginning.

You think your life will change dramatically once you start your business, or your business will change in the future, but it won’t.  Yes, change is a constant, but not the kind of change you mean.  If you think your business is a reflection of your talent, your change, your future, is already predetermined.  It is written in the wind, in the clouds, you can see it if you look above, you can see it if you actually see it as it behaves when you open the door, or close it, or get busy in the shop…it’s all written there, as I said, there is no secret at all about this, your life will not change dramatically nor will your business, but, if you persist in thinking wrong thoughts…that your business is a reflection of your talent…it will most definitely disappoint you.

Don’t allow yourself to be disappointed. Your business is not about you, nor is your job.

You think there are skills you need to learn to become better at the work you do, but there aren’t.  Not a one will make a difference in your business, or the business you’re about to invent, the skills you need to learn are significantly different than the ones you wish to learn.  The skills you need to learn have more to do with your presence at work, than the work you do in the present.  The skills you need to learn…call them growth skills…are those which force you to transcend yourself, not those which make you better where you are.  There’s a lot more we could say about that, and I will, but in another blog, not this one.  In this one I want to say only this.  To stop doing what you’re doing is not the key to more life, it is only a reflection of old thinking.  Thinking that you, as you are, must improve as you are, to become better at what you do, and why you do it.  Not so.  There’s an entirely different opportunity presenting itself here.

Awaken to the opportunity.

There is one more thing I’d like to say to justify the thought I started this blog saying…you aren’t seeing what’s possible for you, you’re not.

Leap of the Week:

What’s possible for you can only be seen as Siddhartha saw the river.  He said, “the river is everywhere at once–at its source, at its mouth, by the waterfall, by the ferry crossing, in the rapids, in the sea, in the mountains—everywhere at the same time.  And that for it there is only the present, not the shadow called the future.”

Which is exactly where your opportunity lives, in the present, right now.

You are exactly like that river.

Exactly, right now.