There is something so fundamental about women, so essential.  That is why entrepreneurship is a calling so clearly feminine, and yet so masculine, which explains why there are so many more companies founded by women, and yet so very few of them grow beyond a million in revenue, while men, everywhere, no matter in what industry, grow, grow, grow.

Let me explain it to you.

Women are not interested in growth, they are committed to life.  Men are not interested in life, they are committed to growth.

(No, this is not true of all women, or of all men.  This is, however, the truth for most women entrepreneurs, and for most men entrepreneurs.)

Follow me here.

The essential something about women is understood by every man I have ever met.  Women have more energy than men.  Much, much more. They can do more things than men can do.  They are accustomed, as mothers, as daughters, as workers, as wives, as sisters, as friends, to step in to get the dishes done, the dinner cooked, the shopping handled, the breakdown fixed up, the relationship nurtured, the bills paid, the son and daughter cared for and put to bed, as well as gotten up in the morning to eat breakfast, to go to school, to complete their homework, to handle everything that has to be handled, usually before it needs to be handled…women are immense, culturally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, friendshiply…name me a man who can do what any woman not only can do, but has done, and will continue to do, and I will show you one man in fifty million.

I have never met that man.  Never.

I have continually met that woman.  I would say, most women I have met fit that picture.

But, given all that, how in the world — or more importantly — why in the world, would a woman think about growing, growing, growing her company, even if it was absolutely necessary to grow it for it to succeed?  Well, entrepreneurial history says she wouldn’t.

But, that’s only because her nature is to be here for all and everyone.

And there’s simply not enough time for her to do that and grow a company of her own.

Men are not so called.  And even if they were, they wouldn’t listen.

Because men find themselves, identify themselves, with what they do.

Women find themselves, identify themselves, with who they are.

So, something must be done for women to help them discover how to be themselves — who they are — while growing a company which is a complete reflection of themselves — who they are — without giving themselves up.

That’s the rest of this story.

I’ll bring it to you next time.

I can hardly wait.

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