Last year, just before Christmas, we joined the Canadian Women’s Foundation “Women Moving Women” campaign. This phenomenal campaign has the goal of gathering 2500 individuals to each donate $2,500 over five years to help 2500 women on their journeys out of poverty. By pooling resources together with other passionate individuals in this way, they’ll raise $6.25 million toward impacting the issue of poverty in Canada and helping Canada’s most vulnerable women by funding the most effective solutions across the country. They are creating the greatest impact through social change.

It is an outstanding effort to help Canadian women in poverty and the Canadian Women’s Foundation has surpassed their halfway mark, with almost 1,400 women (and men) joining the Women Moving Women campaign!

The momentum of this campaign continues to grow across Canada and we are very proud to be a part of it!

If you want to learn more please visit:

Canadian Women’s Foundation – Women Moving Women