Branding is my true passion. I would eat it for breakfast if it was possible and I am determined to help small business owners raise the bar by getting clear on who they are and how their product and service make life better. Over the years, I have had the pleasure to work with amazing small local brands, as well as major global giants like A&W, HSBC, Robeez, Commonwealth Insurance and IMAX.

As a result of this experience, I have discovered that to become a well trusted and well known brand, success is almost inevitable when you follow these 6 Branding Commandments:

1. The rule of One
A brand must always stand for one, clear idea.
Example: Volvo stands for “safety”, Coke stands for “happiness”.

2. The rule of Leadership
A brand sets or elevates the standard for an industry. Don’t be afraid to do things differently to shake up an entire industry.
Example: Provident Security – They have revolutionized the Security Industry with their promise of 5 minute response time when the industry norm is 1.5 hours.

3. The rule of Authenticity
A brand only becomes what everyone in the organization is willing and able to consistently commit to and deliver, day in and day out. What does that mean? Make sure that your tribe believes wholeheartedly in what you believe in.

4. The rule of Trust
A brand is the result of consistently delivering on your brand promise, rain or shine, to create trust and over time, a flock of raving loyal fans.

5. The rule of DNA
A brand is distinct from all others, and it wears its identity as a badge of honour.

6. The rule of LeapZone
A brand is unique, passionate and accountable.

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Photo by Freepik