Few people would disagree that effective marketing is the key to growing small businesses. But, one of the things I’ve noticed is many small business owners write incredible sales copy, then when they get to the offer, the whole message falls apart. The sale that was about to take place winds up in the trash.

So, here are some tips for constructing a powerful offer to match your powerful copy:

  • Don’t be ashamed of the price. Too many companies try to skim past the offer, hoping their prospects won’t pay attention to the price. Guess what? They are going to pay attention! But, if you’ve written a good enough letter to sell them, then they’re sold. Don’t suddenly apologize for giving your product the price value it’s worth.
  • Write the offer clearly. Be sure to include the price, exactly what the product or service is, and any additional bonuses you might be including.
  • Give your prospects multiple options for purchasing. Prospects need a variety of ways to pay for the product. Clearly present the payment methods you’re willing to accept. Furthermore, give your prospect a variety of ways to order: phone, fax, mail, online. The more diverse you make it, the more orders you’ll receive.
  • Be sure to include your contact information. Some really incredible marketing messages have been ruined by neglecting to give prospects a way to reach the company.

Don’t let your offer be the reason you miss a sale anymore!

Leap of the Week: Book BUBBLE TIME™ to review your current sales offers. Make the above 4 points your checklist and tweak your process accordingly. Watch your conversion rate grow!