As you know, a brand is much more than a pretty logo: it’s your personality, your core promise, your DNA. Branding effectively and connecting with customers isn’t about how much money you spend, but about how clearly and consistently you communicate the right message through everything you do. More and more people are starting to get the picture, but there is still a lot of work to be done and awareness to be gained.

So, in the spirit of awareness, here is what I consider the 7 Deadly Sins Of Branding:

1. Greed
Trying to be something for everybody always results in being nothing for anybody. Allow your brand to be absolutely amazing at one distinct thing, rather than being mediocre at many.

2. Insecurity
Don’t be afraid to piss someone off. Let your brand take a strong stand for what it believes in. Pissing people off is a sign of innovation. It’s better to piss a few people off, than to blend into a sea of mediocrity.

3. Familiarity
A brand based on the success of another only solidifies the superiority of the competition. Don’t be afraid to stand out and step out of another brand’s sand box.

4. Ego
It’s a fine line between pride and arrogance. Never forget that a brand needs customers, otherwise, it is simply and expensive hobby… and who wants that, right?

5. Chase
Don’t follow market trends at the expense of your core values. Solid brands are built on long term sustainability, not overnight sensations.

6. Prettification
A cool look is not a strong brand. Over time, good design becomes powerful because what it stands for resonates with people, not because it looks good. Take a chocolate sundae for example; if it looks fantastic but doesn’t taste good, people will only buy it once. On the other hand, if looks fantastic and tastes even better, then you have a winner. People will want to come back for more.

7. Intrigue
A brand is not a riddle. Why someone would choose you and your core values should be clear and consistently communicated on all levels at all times.

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Photo by Freepik