At LeapZone, we are constantly curious about tools, tips and strategies that can help us perform at our best. We dig deep when it comes to improving efficiency and productivity, and this helps us to create our own systems or discover solutions from every part of the business world – online and off. Most of our winning business resource collection is made up of unknown tips, tools, and strategies; and experience tells us that having a system that turns your business into a well-oiled machine is crucial to increasing profitability.

This is where MyLeapTools™ comes in. We believe that any small business owner could quite effortlessly maximize their performance if we shared our winning business resource collection AND explained how to use each tool, tip and strategy along with what it does for you – through tutorials with brand and business performance catalyst Isabelle Mercier Turcotte (host of

MyLeapTools™ is an extremely affordable monthly membership site created to share kick-butt tools, ideas and methodologies that have greatly helped us, and our clients, perform like never before. Think of it as virtual coaching! This site is a useful companion to any small business owner who wants to raise the bar, increase efficiency and thus their bottom line. It is accessible online from wherever you are, whenever you need it!

We are proud to announce that MyLeapTools™ is launching this April 28, 2011 and here are a few things you’ll learn as a member:

  • Find out the Most Effective Hiring Questions to help better determine if the person you are interviewing is the right fit.
  • Get an Employee | Employer Evaluation Template that will instantly boost your relationship with all of your team players.
  • Discover how to Track Your Key Numbers and watch your revenue increase.
  • Learn about the one thing that will help you Get More Done In Less Time.
  • Download a FREE tool that will Dramatically Reduce Your Phone And Email Time while communicating more effectively.
  • Gain access to an Effective Service Proposal Template and increase your client conversion rate in a flash.

Check out MyLeapTools™ today and pre-register now for membership details and launch notification! You’ll get the first 2 months FREE when you subscribe and will also automatically be entered into our Sidekick Contest where you could WIN 1 FREE month of online advertising on!