Everybody knows one-sided relationships never work. The same is true with websites. If a website is focused entirely upon you, you will lose any visitors that may stumble across it. On the other hand, a website done correctly (one that focuses on the visitor) can easily become a lead generation machine!

When designing your website, think about these four ideas:

  • People are egocentric. Subconsciously they’re viewing your website and thinking, “There’s tons of companies just like you. What are you going to do for me?”
  • People love being entertained. If they believe your website is providing interesting information, you’ll have them hooked.
  • People want their opinions valued. This is why most companies have incorporated a blog or forums-so their customers can put in their two cents.

And this is the ticket for generating leads for your business: visitors want to do something. Give your visitors something to do. Give them something free to download. Offer a free report or whitepaper. Ask for their opinion on a blog entry.

Do something, anything, and once the person responds, you “Require” the following information: name, address, phone number, and email. Guess what you just got? A qualified lead. Qualified because they stayed on your site long enough to take action.

Leap of the Week

Ask Yourself: What can you add to your website or blog to make it more interactive? How can you prompt your next visitor to take action? Is it by embedding a survey or a poll in your next blog entry, or simply asking for questions & comments? Lead your prospects by creating a call to action!