resolution_imageWe’ve reached that time of year yet again when people blindly commit to creating and following plans to ultimately reach a desired outcome; otherwise known as New Year’s Resolutions. The beginning of a new year seems like the most positive time to gain a fresh perspective and start changing something in your life right?


My belief is when, and only when, you’ve acknowledged and accepted that you need to change something in your life is the only right time. And that can be anytime. I am a very efficient task executor, that is no secret, and I am intrigued by why a good number of people do not stick to their own resolution(s). My observation is that as soon as someone first of all waits for a new year, and then terms a well-intentioned goal a “resolution”, it almost immediately removes the credibility behind the intention. Have resolutions become a permission to not be taken seriously and thus, fail before even beginning?

My advice is if you decide you really want to achieve or change something in your life, then own it, and respect yourself enough to do it. Don’t hide behind the excuse of a “resolution”. You owe yourself the positive outcome of accomplishment, confidence and most of all, leading your life the way you want.

Make this year, your very best year yet!