We live in a time of chaos and chaos requires companies and organizations to make bold changes. But people tend to become comfortable in what they know, so transformational change will cause resistance and discontentment. Don’t let this be a barrier to change.

I have been reading a great book called Exploiting Chaos by Jeremy Gutsche and one of his chapters is called Piss People Off! and it really had me thinking…

“Being responsible sometimes means pissing people off. Good leadership involves responsibility to the welfare of the group, which means that some people will get angry at your actions and decisions. It’s inevitable if you’re honorable. Trying to get everyone to like you is a sign of mediocrity.” ~Colin Powell

And this applies to your employees, prospects and clients. When entrepreneurs and leaders avoid making bold changes, the organization fails to adapt, and the most creative individuals will go elsewhere, both employees and clients. Powell expands, “Ironically, by procrastinating on the difficult choices and by trying not to make anyone mad, you’ll become uneventful and eventually fall in the ‘mediocre’ category”… which is way worse then having pissed off a few people along the way, believe me!

Leap of the Week: What difficult decision(s) do you need to make in order to stay true to yourself? What scares the crap out of you, but you know deep down that if you did it, it would propel you forward?