How many times have you been in a planning meeting that seemed to be going very well…but in the end, never amounted to anything?

Chances are you’ve been caught up in analysis paralysis. In other words, good ideas have been presented, but by the time enough people consider and reconsider the situation, it seems more complex, or not as great an idea as you originally thought. Or, in most cases, a conclusion about how to act is never reached.

But, guess what? There is such as thing as “over-thinking.” In sports, analysis paralysis might keep an athlete from reacting quickly enough. In politics, analysis paralysis might cause a simple issue to be debated for years. And, in business, analysis paralysis can keep business owners from moving forward in some pretty amazing opportunities! To avoid analysis paralysis:

  • Quickly jot down the pros and cons of an idea.
  • Make a decision (If an entire group is deciding-take a vote.)
  • Write out the steps required to follow through. (Bite-size your actions)
  • Assign the steps. (Who / What / When)
  • Follow through.

You didn’t become an entrepreneur to become a hesitant decision maker. By following these steps, you will make good, well informed decisions. Some will work out and some won’t. But, at least you won’t miss out on BIG opportunities!

If you find it difficult to be a decisive person, reflect on the following statement: “The success is not in the decision you make; it’s in HOW you deal with the decision you make.” Make your decision and then go to work to make it the right decision.

Leap of the Week: What’s one decision that you can make this week, that would move you from being on the fence to moving forward.