A young man, serving in the army, was assigned KP duty. Specifically, he was responsible for the apricots in the chow line. Now, most of the soldiers didn’t care for the apricots, and generally passed this young man without taking any.

After a while, the young man changed his serving tactic. Rather than ask his fellow soldiers if they “would like any apricots,” he simply said, “One apricot or two?”

Most of the soldiers went away with at least one apricot on their plate.

How many times do you give your prospects/customers a chance to “slip” away without a sell? Is the way you sell to your customers making the most of your products/services? Sometimes, prospects and customers simply need a push in the right direction.

  • Always speak about your products/services with enthusiasm
  • Assume your prospect/customer wants/needs what you have to offer
  • Use encouraging words and phrases such as “when you buy this product” versus “if you buy this product”
  • Ask for the sale! Later…ask again!

Follow these tips and you’ll be surprised at the number of customers that walk away with your products and services.

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