Before I answer this question, let me tell you what they don’t sell. They don’t sell sneakers, socks or sports apparel. Now, I can already hear you saying…“What? I’m wearing Nike sneakers right now!!!”

Nike sells athleticism and victory.

If you watch any Nike commercial, you will find that they don’t talk about how long the laces last, how they manufacture the soles of their shoes, and they never mention the durability of the leather.

So what DO they do? They tap into the emotional connection with our inner drive, our profound desire to push past our limits and achieve something great. What you will see in Nike commercials is a group of kids in the street playing ball with a stick for the love of play; a basketball player hitting a three point shot on the buzzer to win the championship; or the look of determination on the early morning runner’s face as she blazes through her town.

The tangible product or service we all sell is the catalyst that addresses the deeper emotional need.

These days, the stakes are too high to be selling basic features. Average people (like me) now have a voice that can easily reach the masses. Vast fields of competition are entering the market every day and online shopping is driving prices down and demanding service to be at its all time best.

Do what you love. Do what you do with passion. The market is screaming for authentic people with purpose. And remember that people don’t buy WHAT you do…they buy WHY you do it!

Leap of the Week:
Take a few minutes to think about what you are really selling, beyond your product or service. For example, a bookkeeper does not sell “data entry”, they sell “peace of mind”.  Chiropractors do not sell “adjustments”, they sell “health and fluidity”.  A bridal shop does not sell “wedding dresses”, it sells “happiness”. At LeapZone, we sell clarity, pivotal shifts and momentum.

What do you really sell? How is your product or service making life better?